Information Technology
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Campus Telephone Features

for University provided telephones

Abbreviated Dialing - Store up to ten phone numbers for quick calling. Conference - Join total of seven parties (Add up to 4 external calls)
TO STORE: (from dial tone) 1.  DIAL First Party - Announce Conference
     PRESS #4* Storage Number (Any Digit 0-9) 2.  PRESS "Conference" Button on phone
     DIAL Phone Number 3.  DIAL Next Party - Announce Conference
      Hang Up 4.  PRESS "Conference" Button on phone
TO USE:  (from dial tone) (All parties joined in conference, repeat steps 2-4 to add parties)
      PRESS #4 Storage Number Rejoin Conference 
       Hang Up - Lift handset (hear dial tone)
Call Back - Use on a busy or no answer internal call only.      PRESS "Conference" Button on phone
      PRESS "Call BK" Button on your phone Hold 
      HANG UP PRESS "Hold" Button on phone
Recipient will hear "Message, Message" when their handset is picked up  
TO ANSWER A CALL BACK: Last Number Redial - Redial the last outgoing external call
       PRESS "Call BK" Button on your phone PRESS #9
Call Park - park a call and retrieve from any other extension Transfer - send an existing call to another extension

      PRESS "Call Park" Button on your phone

     PRESS "XFER" Button on phone
      LISTEN for Park Number      DIAL internal number - Hang up
      From dial tone - DIAL Park Number      PRESS "XFER" Buttonon phone
      Speak to party      DIAL internal number
       ANNOUNCE transfer - Hang up
Call Waiting - accept another call while on your extension (Hear a short ring through the handset) 3-WAY CONFERENCE
TO ACCEPT:       PRESS "XFER" Button on phone
      PRESS "Hold" Button on phone - Hang up       DIAL internal number
      ANSWER ringing phone (waiting party on line)       ANNOUNCE transfer
TO ALTERNATE CALLS: (one call on hold)       PRESS "XFER" Button on phone
      PRESS "Hold" Button on phone      (Three parties joined)