Information Technology
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Supported Software List

The Office of Information Technology fully supports the following software packages:

MS Office Suite: Available for both the PC and Macintosh platform, this productivity suite is included on all campus images.  Included products are MS Word, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel.  Other selected MS products are available as requested such as MS One-Note on the PC tablet, and operating system upgrades where applicable.

Datatel Colleague Client: A graphical user interface for Colleague. UI enables users to easily and intuitively navigate the Colleague system. Morehead State University supports both the UI Desktop (Windows XP for PC’s) and UI Web (for Macintosh).

Pharos:  software associated with the network print managment system on campus.

Adobe Reader: Adobe Reader software is the global standard for electronic document sharing. It is the only PDF file viewer that can open and interact with all PDF documents.

Respondus:  Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams.  Respondus also enables direct upload of tests to Blackboard.  Respondus is included on the image for faculty/staff desktops, laptops, and tablets.  Currently, this package is only available for the PC platform.

SPSS:  Statistical Package for the Social Sciences - software system for data management and analysis. SPSS may be used for many univariate and multivariate statistical analyses and has facilities for sorting and merging files and manipulating data.  The base module, advanced module, and regression module are currently available under MSU’s site license.  This package is licensed for the PC platform and may only be used on campus.  Contact the Information Technology Help Desk for installation. 

SAS: Statistical Analysis Systema statistical analysis package similar to SPSS.  This package has a wider range of statistical tests available (including non-parametric) because all modules are included in the site license.  This package is licensed for the PC platform only.  Contact the Information Technology Help Desk for installation.

McAfee Total Virus Protection: McAfee Total Virus Protection is a full-featured anti-virus package installed on all PC and Mac images at MSU.  For more information, contact the Information Technology Help Desk.

Ghost: Ghost is a utility used by Information Technology and MSU academic lab managers to create, install, and maintain standard hard drive images.  For more information, contact the Information Technology Help Desk.

Deep-FreezeDeep-Freeze is a utility that prevents changes to computer configurations in a PC lab setting.  MSU has a site license for Deep-Freeze and the product is installed on most MSU academic labs.  For more information, contact the Information Technology Help Desk.

Quick ClicksWhile not software, the University does maintain a site license for use of the Quick Clicks educational material.  Quick Clicks is an eight page electronic brochure that helps students understand how to protect themselves, their identity, and their reputation online.  Used in MSU 101 as an orientation to safe computer use, this material is also available on MSU’s website.  MSU faculty and staff may make free use of this material in classes and other activities providing it is not altered from its original format.  The material must be used as a whole; excerpts are not permissible under the license agreement.

IT Policy on Non-Supported Software
IT recognizes that many times the standard, fully-supported software packages do not provide the functionality MSU faculty or staff need to perform their jobs. IT will assist with the installation and support of "non-supported" software packages on a "best-effort" basis. This means that IT will attempt to resolve any problems associated with a non-supported package, but can not guarantee to resolve the problem. In times where work requests are backlogged, workorders for assistance with non-supported packages may carry a lower priority.