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Microsoft Volume License Agreement for Campus Computers


The Microsoft Volume License Agreement (VLA) brings current versions of Microsoft software to the campus, and provides a centrally supported software platform for use in University offices and academic classrooms. Providing both PC and Macintosh versions of popular Microsoft products, the Microsoft VLA enables easier transfer of data between users, more focused training, and improved support.

There are additional components of the program that make this agreement even more useful. The license for the University also authorizes eligible employees who utilize a personal computer in their job to install selected Microsoft products on a personally owned computer. This means that eligible faculty and staff may install a copy of the software on their home computer or personal laptop computer for use in work related activities.

Who is Eligible?

Microsoft determines employee eligibility by federal EEO code. Those classified as Administrative, Faculty, Professional, Clerical, and Technical are eligible. Use of the software on a personally owned computer is limited to tasks performed as part of your normal job with the University.

How Can You Get the software?

If you wish to have the software installed on your office computer, classroom computers, or lab computers, call the Technology Support Center Help Desk at 783-5000.  Someone from Information Technology will contact you to set a time for the installation.

For personal computers, eligible faculty and staff may purchase the software (CD or Disks) at the University Bookstore at significantly discounted prices. The University Bookstore will order products as requested, and users will be asked to sign a document to confirm that they understand and will abide by the VLA terms

After you acquire the software you must abide by the terms of the VLA. You may not duplicate, rent, lease or lend the software to anyone (including other Morehead State University faculty/staff).

Annual Renewal/Termination of Microsoft Campus Agreement

Users are licensed to use the software during the term of the agreement. If Morehead State University does not renew the agreement, all software under this agreement must be removed from all computers (including those licenses purchased from the bookstore) at the time the agreement expires or is terminated.


The University (The University Bookstore or Information Technology) cannot provide support to users installing the software on their personal computers.