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Network Print Management in Computer Labs/Classrooms

As an effort to reduce printing waste on campus, the University implemented a campus wide network print managemnet system in the Fall of 2001.  A print metering system offers many benefits to the institution and to users; the most immediate benefit is the reduction of waste. The Print metering systems currently in place have significantly reduce printing in most institutions. A print reduction in the 40%-50% range is common. A pay-per-print system creates a user-fee environment that makes users more aware of the amount of resources they are consuming. Additionally, users do not feel that they are paying for the waste created by others. The reduction in printing costs has reduced the need to increase student fees and has reduced the burden on departmental budgets.

Current print rates are:

$0.07 per black and white page
$0.60 per color page

Use of the Network Print Management system is expensed from your EagleCard BeakerBUCKs account.