Information Technology
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Individual Web Account


Faculty, staff, student and student organization Web sites are housed on the Morehead State University PEOPLE server -

Students that meet the following criteria are eligible for Web storage on the PEOPLE server:
        1. students developing content as part of a classroom assignment
        2. students developing online portfolios and resumes for prospective employers

Students may not house Web content for entities outside the Morehead State University community.

Student Web quotas are configured at 2MB (megabytes).

How to get an account

To obtain a login please contact the Information Technology Help Desk 606.783.5000

How to connect

   1. connect to
   2. enter your EagleID
   3. enter your EaglePass

Other Information

The People Web Publisher is the only tool available for students to upload/download Web resources. Detailed support for working with the publisher is available via the Web Resource Center

All student Web pages will be removed from the Morehead State University PEOPLE server at the end of each Spring semester.