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Electronic Mail Account


The email system at Morehead State University is running open-source software. The server is an IMAP-compliant server, which permits users to manage folders on the server, just as the older POP (Post Office Protocol) allowed folders to be managed on the client pc (however, by necessity, quotas are in place for all users.) This software is part of the Horde project (, and includes an address book, calendar, and memo application, in addition to the web-based mail interface.

How to connect

Mail is accessible via a pc client (such as Outlook), or by a web interface at  However, if the user is accessing their mail from off campus using a client on their PC, they will only be able to receive email.  Sending email is restricted to computers located on campus (if using a PC based email client) and the web interface (accessible from anywhere in the world).

In either case, the user id is the user's EagleId ("m + #######", where ####### is the user's University id number, located on the Eagle Card), and the password is your EaglePass.

Other Information

The current default quota for student email accounts is 30MB (this includes mail in the INBOX, Trash, and sent-mail folders.) Please note that this does not include folders located on the client pc (usually listed under something like Local Mail), only those folders on the server (which is all that can be seen when using the web interface.)

We do not back up email for users! If a user keeps their mail on the server, and the disk drives on the server are damaged, then all mail stored on the server is gone. Users saving email on the server are encouraged to back up their mail regularly to a local disk.