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Institutional Data

The Office of Institutional Research and Analysis publishes the Profile, a statistical factbook about the university on a yearly basis.  The three most recent editions of the Profile may be found at the following links:


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   FALL 2013 DATA  


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2012-2013 PROFILE



    2011-2012 Profile

Quick Links to University Data

Academic Programs 2012-2013

Administration 2012-2013

Alumni/Budget/Facilities 2012-2013

Common Data Sets

Degrees Conferred 2012-2013

Enrollment 2012-2013

Faculty/Staff 2012-2013

Library/Financial Aid/Housing 2012-2013

MSU in a Nutshell

New Students 2012-2013

Regional Campus Profiles 2012-2013

Retention and Graduation Rates 2012-2013

Other Sources of Information:

 Academic Program Reviews
 Archived Profiles   
 Program Review Data Sheets