Institutional Research & Analysis
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Research at Morehead State University

OIRA provides a number of useful reports and other resources for both academic programs and administrative offices on campus.

Institutional Reports:

Academic Profile Test Scores 2000-2006 
Are We Making Progress?  2010 Report 
CAAP MSU Summary Results 
CLA 2007-2008 
Economic Impact Analysis 
Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) 
Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) 
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 
NSSE/FSSE Comparison by NSSE Reporting Benchmarks 2009 


Research Literature and Links:

Hanover Research Reports 

Surveys at Morehead State University

    Institutional surveys are conducted on the campus of Morehead State University utilizing Qualtrics Online software.   In an effort to refine OIRA's role in support of the mission-critical priorities of the University, we are altering the services that we provide for survey requests.  As of 03/02/2012, we will only be able to provide a full breadth of survey services, everything from survey instrument construction to analysis, for those projects that are deemed to address institutional priorities as opposed to projects of a smaller scope that are specific to a particular unit or department.  For those requests that are not deemed large enough in scope to warrant out full array of survey services and as out time allows, we will only be able to provide the following:

-Formatting/transferring of your survey into our survey software

-Electronic administering of your survey during the open period

-Providing a raw data set in selected files formats (i.e. Excel, .txt)

After your request for survey services is received, you will be notified as to what scope of services we will be able to provide and if there is a cost associated.

     If you are interested in conducting a survey, please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis at 783-9555 or refer to our Morehead State University webpage and click on the "SURVEY REQUEST FORM" located under the left navigation bar.  

For more information about our Archived Surveys  click here  .