Institutional Research & Analysis
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2010-2011 Profile  




The primary mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (OIRA) is to provide high quality information and analytical support to Morehead State University decision makers that will enhance institutional effectiveness through university planning, policy making, decision making, and assessment.  The Office collects, analyzes, reports, and serves as a repository for institutional data pertaining to students, faculty and staff, and academic programs.



  • Coordinates the reporting of accurate, consistent, and timely information to federal and state reporting agencies, state and national organizations, and senior administrators and faculty/staff committees.
  • Coordinates the collection and systematic storage of the university's statistical, historical, and managerial information, with the institution's official reports.
  • Plans and coordinates institutional research studies and assists other University departments and offices with the implementation of research projects at the request of University administrators.
  • Compiles and distributes the University Profile (an annual statistical factbook) and other publications.
  • Assists with survey preparation, administration, and analysis for institutional purposes.
  • Conducts routine and specialized training workshops on accessing and utilizing institutional research and assessment resources.