Intellectual Property
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Intellectual Property Committee Members


Faculty (6 required)

Doug Dennis, 606.783.2944, Professor of Biology

Craig Tuerk, 606.783.2958, Professor of Biology

Michael Hail, 606.783.5407, Assistant to Dean, Director Masters of Public Administration, Professor of Government

Lesia Lennex, 606.783.2879, Professor of Education

Richard Miles, 606.783.2485, Director of Bands

Nilesh Joshi, 606.783.2417, Assistant Professor Applied Engineering and Technology

Staff (2 required)

Jonathan Gay, 606.783.5381, Director, West Liberty Innovation Center

Brent Jones, 606.783.5233, Executive Director Distance Education & Regional Campus


Members by Virtue of Position

Beth Patrick, 606.783.2053, Chief Financial Officer, VP, Administration and Fiscal Services (voting)

Michael Henson, 606.783.9080, Associate VP Research, Dean of Graduate School (voting)

Jane Fitzpatrick, 606.783.2053, General Counsel (non-voting)

Shannon Harr, 606.783.2307, Director, Research Integrity and Compliance (non-voting)