Intellectual Property
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Morehead State University is committed to protecting the ideas and/or inventions of its faculty and staff. MSU has an Intellectual Property Committee charged with facilitating the commercial development of intellectual property at the University.

Intellectual Property (IP) at Morehead State University includes all intellectual property conceived, first reduced to practice, written, or otherwise produced by faculty, staff or students of the University using University resources (fiscal, human or physical).

Any faculty or staff wishing to protect and/or commercialize IP must submit a confidential disclosure form. Decisions on actions to be taken regarding IP are made by the Intellectual Property Committee (MSU Standing Committee), which is comprised of MSU faculty and staff representatives with knowledge and expertise in the intellectual property arena.


Shannon Harr, Director, Research Integrity and Compliance, 606.783.2307



The Intellectual Property (IP) Web site is maintained by Janet Skidmore, IP Administrative Assistant, 606.783.9370.