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Guidelines for Contributor’s Information

Please respond to the following as thoroughly as you can and include with your submission. In order for your work to be juried this form must be completed and submitted before December 5, 2008.

Type(s) of submission 

Are you submitting a/an Cover Design, Art, or Writing piece?  

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Please include a short bio (up to 100 words) to accompany your work.
Works submitted without bios will not be reviewed. Your bio should

  • Any awards you have won for your artwork or recent publications
  • Your major at MSU if you are a student
  • A brief description of your current artistic/writing projects

Sample Art Bio:

Jane Smith is an Art major with a Minor in Women Studies. She has
presented her work at the 2007 Mount Sterling Gallery for the Arts
Juried Exhibit, for which she won an Honorable Mention, the 2006
University Open Exhibit in Lexington, Kentucky, and in the 2007 issue
of Inscape. Her current art projects focus on issues surrounding
female body imaging, aging and a critique of popular stereotypes of

Sample Prose Bio:

Joe Smo is a native of Juno, Alaska. He is an English major with a
minor in Creative Writing. His work has been published in Inscape and
Aurora literary journals. He is currently working on short stories and
a cycle of poems. He was recently recognized by Morehead State
University as an outstanding undergraduate in creative writing.:



By submitting an entry to Inscape, you are granting Morehead State University permission to publish your work in the journal, on our website, and in Inscape and/or Art & EFLP Department promotional or publicity materials. Furthermore, it is understood you will not receive any financial compensation for the use of said work in any of the aforementioned scenarios.