Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
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PI's Must submit documentation of online CITI training with protocol 

Due Dates IACUC Protocols 2014 Spring Semester

March 3, 2014

April 7, 2014



















Current members of the IACUC:

 David Eisenhour, 606.783.2963,  Department of Biology and Chemistry

Wretha Goodpaster, 606.783.2647, Department of Imaging Sciences

Claudia Hicks, Community Representative

Steve Leitz, 606.783.5271, Facilities Management

Kris Mann, Community Representative

Kimberly Peterson, Chair, 606.783.2326, Department of Agricultural Sciences

Philip Prater, Attending Veterinarian, 606.783.2326, Department of Agricultural Sciences

Ilsun White, 606.783.2991, Department of Psychology