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Policy: PG-54

Subject:  Deadly Weapons/Destructive Devices

Approval Date: 09/13/96
Revision Date:
Technical Change: 02/26/98


To prohibit the possession and use of deadly weapons or destructive devices on property or in facilities owned, leased, or operated by Morehead State University.


This policy shall apply to all persons utilizing MSU owned or controlled property and facilities. This includes faculty, staff, students, spouses, dependents, and visitors. The policy shall not apply to police officers or state and federal law enforcement agents authorized to carry weapons by their governmental agency while on duty. Also, the regulation shall not apply to ROTC equipment and University weapons used for marksmanship competition, and equipment and supplies approved by the University. The use of pyrotechnics for non-University concerts and stage productions shall be provided for contractually.


Weapons and firearms have historically been barred from the University campus since they represent a threat to good order and the proper environment for the pursuit of academic endeavors. This policy establishes the University procedures for dealing with persons carrying unauthorized weapons and destructive devices. The University's Manager of Public Safety may grant exceptions to this policy, in writing, for the convenience of the University. HB 40, as enacted, provides that "Nothing contained in Section I of this Act shall be construed to limit, restrict, or prohibit in any manner the right of a college, university, or any post-secondary education facility, including technical schools and community colleges, to control the possession of deadly weapons on any property owned or controlled by them..." In view of this, those licensed to carry concealed deadly weapons are prohibited from doing so on University property under this regulation.


The possession or storage of a deadly weapon, destructive device, or fireworks in any form is prohibited on any Morehead State University campus property or in any facility, including that which is owned, leased, or operated/controlled by the University. This includes University housing, University vehicles, University parking areas, and private vehicles parked or operated either on campus or at any off-campus facility owned, leased or operated by the University. Signs stating that weapons are not permitted on property owned, leased, or controlled by Morehead State University will be posted at campus entrances.


Deadly Weapon as defined by Kentucky Statute and applied in this policy is:

a. Any weapon from which a shot, readily capable of producing death or serious injury, may be discharged.

b. Any knife other than a normal pocket or hunting knife.

c. A billy, nightstick, or club.

d. A blackjack or slapjack.

e. A nunchaku karate stick.

f. A suriken or death starg. Artificial knuckles made from metal, plastic, or similar hard material. [Reference: KRS 500.080 (4)]

Destructive Device means any explosive, incendiary or poison gas bomb, mine, rocket, missile or similar device, including unassembled components from which such a device can be made. [Reference: KRS 237.030 (1)]


Any University faculty, staff, or student determined to have violated this policy is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or dismissal from the University. Disciplinary action shall be in accordance with the Personnel Policy Manual and The Student Code of Conduct, as appropriate. Visitors will be directed to remove the weapon from University property immediately.