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Policy: PG-50

Subject:  Staff Performance Management System

Approval Date: 12/14/1990
Revision Date:  09/15/2000
Revision Date:  09/20/2007


To establish a staff performance pay provision as a component to the Staff Job Classification and Compensation Plan approved by the Board of Regents as PG-44 and to authorize the development of procedures for administering a Staff Performance Management System.


That the University develop and implement a Staff Performance Management System which will improve staff performance and productivity and which will accomplish the following objectives:

1. Provide a means of recognizing high performance;

2. Provide a means for periodic job related counseling for encouraging professional and educational development.


Appraisal forms shall be developed which enable University supervisors to evaluate an employee's performance related to his or her duties and responsibilities as defined on the employee's job description and on stated behavior and ability factors.

At the beginning of an employee's appraisal period, the supervisor may prescribe other job-related duties and responsibilities not in the job description. The appraisal instrument shall enable supervisors to identify employees who are: (1) performing at the highest levels; or (2) fully succeeding; (3) or minimally meeting performance requirements; or (4) not meeting minimum performance requirements.


Employees who perform at high levels may be rewarded through a performance pay increment.

Employees who perform below "fully succeeds on all performance requirements; good solid performance (below 3.00)" shall be encouraged to improve their performance level through additional training and developmental opportunities. Employees who have completed their initial employment probationary period and who perform below "good solid performance" (under 3.00) of the position shall be placed in a probationary status for a period of three months. During this probationary period, the employee shall be appraised monthly. Such employees who fail to return to "good solid performance" (score of 3.00 or higher) during this probationary period shall be dismissed from employment upon recommendation by the appropriate supervisor(s), recommendation by the President and the Director of Human Resources and approval by the Board of Regents.

Alternatively, employees who have completed their initial employment probationary period and who are rated between "minimally meets performance requirements - needs improvement" and "fully succeeds on all performance requirements" (2.00 and 2.99) may be reassigned.

Employees reassigned under the unsatisfactory job performance provisions of PAc-7, PSE-7 or PSNE-8 will serve a new probationary period.


The Board of Regents authorizes the President to develop procedures for administering the system.


The President may allocate funds for performance pay to be determined annually based on budgetary considerations.


All regular, full-time staff exempt and nonexempt employees under the Staff Job Classification and Compensation Plan established by PG-44 shall be eligible to compete for performance pay if they successfully complete their initial 180 day probationary period on or before December 31 of the appraisal period (January 1 through December 31).  The probationary appraisal score will be used to determine eligibility for merit pay.   Employees who have a change in supervisors will be appraised by the supervisor having 50 percent or more of the employee's time during the annual appraisal period. In the event of a supervisor's departure or unavailability, and where the performance period remaining is less than 6 months, the reviewer becomes the appraiser. For those employees receiving a performance based salary increment, the increment shall be added to the employee's salary.

Employees in probationary status on June 30 of a given year are eligible for an across-the-board pay increase upon satisfactory completion of the probationary period.


Initial employment probationary appraisals shall be performed for regular full-time and continuing part-time staff employees upon completion of the probationary periods established in PSE-2 or PSNE-2.

If the probationary period for an employee ends during December, a separate annual performance appraisal is not required.


The annual twelve month performance appraisal period for all regular full-time and continuing part-time time employees shall be a calendar year (January 1 to December 31).


Performance appraisals can be used for employee  assistance and administrative decisions in such APPRAISAL FORMS: areas as employee counseling, transfer, promotion, demotion, dismissal recommendations, reassignment, training and development needs and maximizing employee potential. Completed forms shall be sent to the Office of Human Resources for retention after the supervisor has reviewed the appraisal with the employee. The employee and employing unit shall also retain a copy.