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Policy: PAc-30

Subject:  Performance-Based Compensation Plan for Faculty

Approval Date: 3/1/92
Revision Date: 9/22/01, 06/15/05


To establish a provision for and authorize the development and implementation of a performance-based compensation plan to acknowledge meritorious faculty performance.


It shall be the policy of Morehead State University to systematically evaluate individual faculty performance by means of a departmental faculty evaluation process which specifies performance expectations in teaching, professional achievement, and service and which is consistent with University guidelines for faculty evaluation. All returning tenured and tenure-track faculty are required to participate in the process of evaluation as specified in their departmental Faculty Evaluation Plan.

Performance-based compensation will be based on the concept that criteria exist in the areas of teaching, professional achievement, and service against which the performance of individual faculty will be compared for evaluation. These criteria will not be a set of fixed universally-applied standards, but a set of flexible standards which will accommodate the unique nature of the disciplines in which faculty teach, engage in professional achievement activities, and serve. The application of the standards should accommodate the specific role of the individual within the department and should recognize the variables which affect opportunities for professional achievement and service.

Morehead State University is committed to quality teaching, learning and the improvement of teaching through assessment.  The use of various means of formative assessment provides a comprehensive picture of an individual's development as a teacher.  Therefore, the position of Morehead State University is that assessment of teaching be, first and foremost, formative and used for the purpose of improving teaching.  Morehead State University is committed to supporting faculty of all ranks in order to develop a cohesive community of teachers and learners.

Each chair and departmental faculty shall set up acceptable standards for evaluating its faculty members under the performance-based compensation plan, and these standards shall be approved by a majority of the tenured and tenure-track faculty. Faculty evaluation plans must be approved by the appropriate department chair and college dean before implementation. Departmental faculty evaluation plans must include a clear procedure for appeal. They must also include clear criteria for performing at the expected level in teaching, professional achievement, and service. Finally, no more than 50% of a faculty member’s teaching evaluation can be based on student evaluations of teaching.


1. Department chairs, college deans, and the Provost and Executive Vice President shall be responsible for ensuring that departmental faculty evaluation plans are applied fairly without unreasonable differences across departments and colleges.

2. The Faculty Senate will review annually the University guidelines for faculty evaluation and make recommendations to the Provost and Executive Vice President.

3. The Provost and Executive Vice President will review annually the distribution of performance-based compensation increments to assure compliance with the University guidelines for faculty evaluation and regulations for performance-based compensation.

4. The President will review and approve the annual distribution of performance-based compensation increments to the faculty.


The Board of Regents authorizes the President to develop and approve regulations for administering the performance-based compensation plan.

The President may allocate funds for the performance-based compensation plan to be determined annually based on budgetary considerations.