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Policy: PG-24

Subject:  Time Off for Death in Family or Funeral

Approval Date: 07/01/85
Revision Date: 03/26/87


To provide conditions wherein time off without loss of pay for work time missed is granted for a regular, full-time or continuing, part-time faculty or staff member for a death in the family or funeral attendance.


Up to three days shall be granted without loss of pay for work time missed within a seven consecutive day period commencing with the date of death of a member of a staff member's immediate family for attendance to funeral matters. An exception may be made in a case requiring extensive travel time for a funeral outside the state of Kentucky and more than 400 miles from the staff member's residence. When such exception is approved by the appropriate supervisor, up to two additional work days off may be granted.

Time off without loss of pay also may be approved by the appropriate supervisor not to exceed one-half (1/2) day to attend the funeral service of an associate, close friend, or relative not defined as immediate family below.

Time off in addition to that described herein, if approved, shall be taken as no-pay time or accrued vacation or earned compensatory time, at the staff member's option.

A staff member already on time off chargeable to an authorized University holiday excluding vacation shall not receive such death-in-family paid time off for that day.


A staff member's immediate family is defined as:

  • Father or father-in-law
  • Mother or mother-in-law
  • Stepfather or stepmother
  • Brother, sister, or brother- or sister-in-law
  • Stepbrother or stepsister
  • Spouse
  • Child or stepchild
  • Grandmother or grandfather
  • Grandchild
  • Former guardian