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 Policy:  PAc-16

 Subject:  Support for Editorships of Journals and Offices Held in Professional Organizations

Approval Date:  07/01/85
Revision Date:


To encourage faculty members to assume editorship of professional journals or offices in professional organizations.


If a faculty member assumes an editorship of a professional journal or an office in a professional organization, that individual shall inform his/her Department Chair about such activity.


In addition, if there is need for institutional support in the form of a special telephone line, mailing privileges (costs), paper costs, convention budgets, and so forth, the faculty member shall include in the report information about the organization and its impact upon the region or the nation, the types of responsibilities being assumed, and a proposed budget to cover the requested funds.

That request shall be forwarded through channels to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The Department Chair and Dean shall comment on the value to the institution when reviewing the request.  The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for approving or disapproving such requests.


If approved, the program shall be reported on at least annually by the faculty
  member.  Such reports shall be sent through channels to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.