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 Policy:  PG-16

 Subject:  Official Travel

Approval Date:  07/01/85
Revision Date:  05/13/88, 09/15/05


To outline the conditions for obtaining approval and reimbursement for official travel.


An official travel request should be processed even when there is no expense to the University.  Approval for all travel and expenses must have, at a minimum, a two-tier supervisory approval. The following are recommending and approving levels for:

A. In-State Travel.  For in-state travel, the employee must obtain the recommendation of his/her immediate supervisor(s) and the approval of the recommending supervisor's supervisor.  Travel requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

B. Out-of-State Travel.  For out-of-state travel, the employee must obtain the recommendation of  his/her immediate supervisor(s) through the level of Department Chair/Director.  The approving official should be a Director reporting to the President, a Dean, Vice President, or the President.  Travel requests should be submitted at least three weeks in advance.

C.  International Travel.  For travel outside the United States, the employee must obtain the     recommendation of his/her supervisors through the level of Vice President or Director reporting directly to the President.

The approving official will be the President.


Receipts, where required, must accompany travel vouchers.  For information about travel regulations, check with the Office of Accounting and Budgetary Control.