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 Policy:  PG-12

 Subject:  Conflict of Interest

Approval Date:  07/01/85
Revision Date: 


To avoid the possibility of any misunderstandings concerning the appropriate conduct of faculty and staff members in regard to all transactions touching upon their University duties and the property of the University.


Faculty and staff members of the University shall exercise the utmost good faith in all transactions touching upon their duties to the University and its property.  In their dealings with and on behalf of the University, they shall be held to a strict rule of honest and fair dealings between themselves and the University.  They shall not use their positions, or knowledge gained therefrom, in such a way that a conflict of interest might arise between the interest of the University and that of the individual.  Faculty and staff members shall disclose to the administrative head of the college or other unit in which they are employed, or other appropriate Administrative officer, any potential conflict of interest of which they are aware before a contract or transaction is consummated.