Personnel Policies
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Employee Discounts

Policy:  PG-4

Subject:  Contracts for Services

Approval Date:  07/01/85
Revision Date:  03/26/87


To define the uses of contracts.


The University uses contract forms for appointments in the academic and administrative classification categories.  Contracts are not used for other appointments.  Letters of offer (or other means) are used for appointments for other categories of employees.


A contract is provided upon first employment in a Standing I Appointment in either the academic and/or administrative category.  With the exception of Fixed-Term appointments and Standing I appointments for administrative personnel as defined by PG-2, only one contract form is executed for an individual.


Subsequent changes in conditions of employment for individuals such as a promotion in rank, the granting tenure, an increase in salary, and so forth are  accomplished by letter.  A schedule of dates for issuing letters of continuing employment shall be published by December 1.


Contracts are written for the first appointment and for each subsequent appointment of an individual appointed on a fixed-term basis.


Contracts for Services forms are used in accordance with this policy:

A. Standing I Appointment - This form is used for:  (1) individuals in the Administrative category who have direct responsibility for academic units such as Deans and Academic Department Chairs (see PG-2 and 3), (2) individuals in the Administrative category who are not directly responsible for an academic unit and who are not granted regular academic rank (see PG-2 and 3), and (3) those classified as academic who meet the requirements of Standing I Appointments (see PG-2 and 3).

B. Standing II Appointment (Continuing Part-Time) - This form is used for those who meet the requirements of continuing part-time (see PG-1, 2, and 3).

C. Fixed-Term I Appointment - This form is used for all classifications of faculty and staff members who meet the requirements of Fixed-Term I appointments (see PG-2 and 3).

D. Fixed-Term II or Visiting Appointment (not eligible for benefits) - This form is used for those classified as academic who do not meet the definition of regular employment (see PG-1, 2, and 3).

E. Supplementary Appointment - This form is used to extend the time or the duties of a Fixed-Term I or a Standing Appointment for faculty or staff members beyond the terms of the current contract (see PG-2 and 3).