Personnel Policies
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 Academic Freedom and Responsibility  PAc-14
 Academic Titles  PAc-1
 Adoption  PG-52
 Affirmative Action


 Alcohol Testing  PG-53
 Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace  PG-47
 Appeal Procedure, Staff  PSE-8
 Appointments  PG-3
 Appraisal, Staff Performance  PG-50
 Assignment of Administrators Holding Rank  PAc-24
 Attendance, Faculty Meetings  PAc-29
 Basic Educational Opportunities, Staff  PG-45
 Benefits, Personnel  PG-28
 Cash Receipts  PG-46
 Childbirth  PG-52
 Classes  PAc-29
 Commencement  PAc-29
 Communications Plan  PG-56


 Compensation Schedule, Staff  PG-44
 Compensatory Time  PSNE-5
 Conflict of Interest  PG-12
 Consulting  PAc-5
 Contracts  PG-4
 Controlled Substance Testing  PG-53
 Copyright Materials  PG-18
 Counseling  PAc-13
 Court Duty  PG-14
 Deadly Weapons  PG-54
 Deceased Employee, Final Payment  PG-33
 Degree, Salary Increase  PG-41
 Demotion, Staff  PG-44
 Destructive Devices  PG-54
 Development and Training  PSE-10
 Disaster Absences  PG-51
 Discipline  PG-54
 Discoveries  PG-18
 Discrimination, Claims of  PG-5
 Dismissal  PG-54
 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace  PG-47
 Editorships of Journals  PAc-16
 Educational Leave of Absence  PAc-28
 Educational Opportunities  PG-45
 Effective Date of Employment or Termination  PG-35
 Elections (National, State and Local)  PG-40
 Emergency Absences  PG-51
 Emergency Operations  PG-56
 Emeritus Status  PAc-3
 Employee Categories  PG-44


Equal Opportunity  PG-5
Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct PG-61
 Ethics, Professional  PAc-12
 Evaluation, Faculty Performance


 Evaluation, Staff Performance  PG-50
 Exception to Policy  PG-35
 Exit Interviews  PG-29
 Family Leave  PG-52
 Final Paycheck  PG-33
 Fixed-Term I Appointment  PG-3
 Fixed-Term II Appointment  PG-3
 Foreign Nationals  PG-19
 Foster Care  PG-52
 Funeral Leave  PG-24
 Graduate Faculty  PAc-6
 Harassment  PG-6
 Help Wanted Advertising  PG-36
 Holidays  PG-8
 Identification Cards  PG-25
 Inquiries  PG-34

 Intellectual Properties



 Inventions  PG-18
 Job Classification System, Staff  PG-44
 Journals  PAc-16
 Jury Duty  PG-14
 Keys University  PG-42
 Lateral Transfer, Staff  PG-44
 Layoff  PG-58
 Leave of Absence  PG-9
 Leaving University Employment  PG-39
 Librarians, Professional  PAc-31
 Local Elections  PG-40
 Medical Leave  PG-52
 Meetings, Faculty  PAc-29
 Membership, Graduate Faculty  PAc-6
 Military Service, Leave of Absence  PG-10
 Minors, Employment of  PG-15
 Misconduct  PSE-7
 Misconduct in Research  PAc-32
 National Elections  PG-40
 National Guard, Leave of Absence  PG-10
 New Staff, Orientation of  PSE-9
 Office Hours  PAc-29
 Operation Cash Funds  PG-46
 Orientation of New Staff  PSE-9
 Overload, Teaching  PAc-29
 Overtime  PSNE-5
 Payroll Classification Categories  PG-2
 Performance Bases Compensation  PG-50
 Personnel Files  PG-17
 Personnel Inquiries  PG-34
 Position Responsibility  PAd-1
 Pregnancy  PG-52
 Probationary Period  PSE-2
 Professional Ethics  PAc-12
 Professional Organizations  PAc-16
 Promotion  PG-44
 Property, University  PG-42
 Public Service  PG-20
 Rank, Promotion in  PAc-21
 Reassigned Administrators to Faculty  PAc-23
 Recall  PG-44
 Reclassification, Staff  PG-44
 Re-Employment  PG-57
 Reinstatement  PG-44
 Relatives, Employment of  PG-22
 Research  PAc-11
 Research, Misconduct in  PAc-32
 Resignation from Employment  PG-23
 Responsibilities, Faculty  PAc-18
 Rest Periods  PG-38
 Retirement  PG-31
 Rights, Faculty  PAc-18
 Sabbatical Leave  PAc-17
 Salary Increase  PG-41
 Salary Administration, Staff  PG-44
 Schedules, Work  PSNE-1
 Search and Screening Procedures  PG-5
 Security  PG-55
 Sexual Harassment, Claims of  PG-6
 Sick Leave  PG-49
 Staff Basic Educational Opportunities  PG-45
 Standing I Appointments  PG-3
 Standing II Appointments


 State Elections  PG-40
 Substance Testing  PG-53
 Supplementary Appointment  PG-3
 Suspension  PAd-7
 Teaching Load  PAc-29
 Technology Resource Acceptable Use  PG-55
 Tenure Review  PAc-27
 Termination  PG-35
 Testing  PG-53
 Time Off for Death in Family or Funearl  PG-24
 Time and Effort Reporting  PAc-15
 Titles, Definition of Academic  PAc-1
 Training and Development  PSE-10
 Transfer  PG-44
 Travel or Weather Absences  PG-51
 Travel, Official  PG-16
 Uniforms  PG-13
 Vacation Leave  PG-48
 Visiting Appointment  PG-3
 Wage Payroll Appointment  PG-3
 Wage Administration, Staff  PG-44
 Weather or Travel Absences  PG-51
 Weapons  PG-54
 Workload, Faculty  PAc-29
 Work Schedules  PSNE-1
 Worker's Compensation  PG-27