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Flexible Work Arrangment

  • Flexible Work Arrangement – Definition

    There are two major types of scheduling flexibility: flexible work hours and flexible work arrangements.

    1. Flexible work hours are temporary changes in the regular work schedule of a staff employee (hereafter “employee”) in order to adjust for an unplanned, short-notice or sporadic event. The flexibility helps the employee avoid working more than 40 hours in a work week or avoid using leave or other paid time off for an absence. Any flexible work hour adjustment is at the discretion of the supervisor.

    2. Flexible work arrangements are adjustments to the employee's regular work schedule on a recurring basis to respond to work-life needs of an employee. The flexible work arrangement must continue to support the operational needs of the department and allow for appropriate oversight of the employee's work. Adjustments may be necessary; an agreement for a flexible work arrangement may be revised or revoked by the department, with appropriate length of notice, as needed.
  • Guidelines - Definition

    A guideline, as defined by the Webster dictionary is “an indication or outline of policy or conduct” (
  • Flexible Work Arrangement Guidelines

Long-Term Care

             What is Long-Term Care? 

  • Long-term care is the type of care you need when you are no longer able to do the things you take for granted everyday. It is needed when simple things, such as getting out of bed, eating, or even taking a shower, become too difficult to do on your own.

            Why Consider Long-Term Care Insurance?    

  • Long-term care insurance pays for home health care, assisted living, nursing home and other long term care expenses. People buy LTCi to protect retirement assets and to maintain freedom of choice when receiving care. 

  • One-on-One Consultations
    Everyone has unique needs that must be addressed individually. For this reason, you can receive a no obligation one-on-one consultation with an agent who specializes in LTCi. During these phone meetings you will discuss if LTCi makes sense for your financial situation, what plan options are best for you, and get specific price quotes. To schedule a one-on-one consultation call Legacy at 800-230-3398, ext. 101.

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