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First Steps Program Evaluation Specialist

Job Summary

The Regional Monitoring  Specialist/Evaluator (RMS) assists the On-Site Supervisor with the monitoring of the Technical Assistance Team (TAT) staff for First Steps, a program funded through a grant from the Kentucky Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs. This role also involves the RMS in preparing and presenting written reports to the On-Site Supervisor; reports to the Commission may also be necessary.  This involves evaluating the work done by early intervention service providers, organizations, agencies, and others across a fifteen county area that provide services to children birth to age three with special health care needs and/or developmental delays.  The role also involves attending related meetings across the state as needed.  This is a full-time position. 

Duties and Responsibilities


Validating credentials of individual employees of service providers by:

  • Examining agency staff files to validate qualifications for providing services to First Steps participants
  • Validating acquisition of required state mandated training for all providers
  • Insuring proper billing procedures are maintained and instituting corrective action when necessary
  • Validating that agencies have insurance – both liability and general
  • Noting that Civil Rights statement related to providing service to all families is posted

Solving Grievances

  • Functions in a leadership and decision making role by interviewing all parties and rendering a binding decision.
  • Communicates to all parties the resolution of the grievance
  • Follows up to determine the success of the resolution of the grievance
  • In writing a detailed report, keeps the Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs informed throughout the entire grievance process

Team Meetings and Other Meetings

  • Participates in strategic planning to determine the future course of the program. 
  • Attends monthly meetings for Program Evaluation Specialists at the Commission to remain current in changes in procedures, policies, and regulations
  • Attends and participates in District Early Intervention Committee (DEIC) meeting to plan intervention and its delivery
  • Advises parents about services available after age three when the child can no longer participate in First Steps
  • Makes two new agency validation visits per month
  • Sends letter to get records from the Commission
  • Monitors billing per child
  • Examines staff notes for specificity per child served
  • Writes Action Plan report for agency and file with the Commission


  • Serve on Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education program committees as needed. 
  • Duties as assigned by supervisor.

Organizational Relationships

The Regional Monitoring Specialist/Evaluator reports directly to the University Program Director in the Department of Elementary, Reading, and Special Education.  The University Program Director is currently the chair of the department.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree with experience and training in Early Childhood Education, Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education, or a related field.   Experience in providing direct services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families.  Demonstration of organizational skills.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

Master’s Degree in related field and direct experience with early intervention programs for birth through three populations.  Demonstration of both written and oral communication skills.  Experience in interagency work.

Working Conditions and Atmosphere

Much of the work is done in the field throughout the assigned area covering fifteen counties in the Fivo, Gateway, and Big Sandy Area Development Districts in Eastern Kentucky.  Travel is also required to state staff meetings, trainings, planning meetings, conferences, etc. in various areas across the state.