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Assistant Director of Testing Center (TEST) 

Job Summary

The Assistant Director of the Testing Center is responsible for assisting with the supervision and management of the Testing Center.  The Assistant Director also coordinates testing programs and policy information and provides assistance to potential students, current students, faculty/advisors and university/public school administrators and other users of Testing Center services.  The Assistant Director serves as a resource person to the Director of the Testing Center, Associate Vice President for Graduate and Undergraduate Programs, Director of Institutional Research, college Deans, department Chairs, academic program coordinators, directors, faculty and students in matters related to student testing services.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Conducts individualized and group standardized testing.
  • Assists with the administration of standardized testing programs provided through the Testing Center.
  • Corresponds and interacts with external testing agencies including Educational Testing Service, the American College Testing Program, the American Council on Education, the Psychological Corporation, the State Department of Education, the Education Standards Board, the Cabinet for Workforce Development, the IDEA Center and others.
  • Reviews and recommends tests for use within the University and the service region.
  • Assists with the completion of reports including, Testing Center Monthly Report, Credit by Exam Report, GED Report, PRAXIS Report, ETS Supervisor’s Reports, ACT Supervisor’s Report, ACT Predictive Research, ACT Class Profile.
  • Assists with the supervision and administration of placement testing for all provisional and developmental students.
  • Assists in the overall assessment effort for the University by synthesizing and  preparing reports of student testing data for administrative use.
  • Assists with data management for standardized test results through the Testing Center.
  • Assists with Testing Center reviews, reports, publications.
  • Supervises, trains and evaluates student office staff.
  • Assigns and evaluates work of temporary and adjunct testing personnel.
  • Assists with the analysis of Testing Center procedures and techniques to improve quality of services.
  • Oversees numerous scheduled Saturday test dates throughout the year.
  • Assists with providing testing related information to administration, faculty, students, advisors, departments, federal programs, area school counselors, principals, and superintendents.
  • Assists with the preparation and monitoring of the annual budget and authorizes expenditures in the absence of the Director of Testing. 
  • Promotes awareness of the Testing Center’s services.
  • Attends professional development activities and conferences.
  • Assists graduate students in their course work by providing varied experiences with testing and technology.
  • Reports and interprets test results to individual students.
  • Meets with groups of students to explain testing procedures, results and requirements.
  • Provides input on increasing Testing Center revenues.
  • Provides test advising and guidance and makes appropriate referrals.
  • Provides testing and materials to the extended campus centers.
  • Trains supplementary staff to assist with testing.
  • Assists with planning the testing calendar for the year.
  • Assists with the evaluation and revision of credit-by-examination in collaboration with academic departments, dean, graduate and undergraduate programs, and provost.
  • Assists with the design and data collection for a systematic evaluation of Testing Center Services.
  • Assists with the daily operation of the Testing Center.
  • Oversees the maintenance and upgrading of scoring equipment.
  • Assists with the scoring of certain faculty examinations and accompanying reports.
  • Oversees ordering and stocking of tests and ancillary materials used by the Testing Center and other Departments.


  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Organizational Relationships

The Assistant Director of the Testing Center reports to the Director of the Testing Center .  This position supervises a Testing Assistant, graduate assistants, student employees and assists with the supervision of exempt and nonexempt supplemental employees.  This position is an institutional representative with students, faculty, and external testing agencies (i.e. CPE, ETS, ACT, IDEA Center, KDE), local boards of education and public service administrators.

Minimum Requirements

Associate’s  Degree with 5 years of office or related testing experience with standardized tests and testing programs.  Experience in administering, scoring, analyzing and reporting of standardized tests commonly used in educational settings. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Decision making ability, organizational skills, excellent interpersonal communication skills and demonstrated experience in utilizing best practices of standardized testing. Demonstrated skill in working with people, programs, and data. Familiarity with the use of databases and spreadsheets.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree with 5 years experience in a testing setting is desirable. Experience in a university-level Testing Center is desirable. Other desirable qualifications include ability to interact effectively with a wide variety of people.  Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure. Additionally, training and experience with specific test administration, such as GED testing, would be desirable.

Working Conditions and Atmosphere

Routine office environment with frequent interruptions from phone, students, and faculty inquiries.  Frequent meetings and appointments with students, faculty, administration, and staff.  Constant flow of students, faculty, and visitors.  Testing is scheduled individually and by group in a variety of rooms on campus.  Work is often done under pressure due to the volume of work, nature of the work and limited assistance.  The position requires some Saturday work and some travel. Occasional pressure may be expected because students served often seek help with problems that must be solved within limited time periods such as deadline pressures with program completion and certification.

Date Approved/Revised:  March 24, 2009; August 1, 2010
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Grade:  E4