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Veterinary Technologist

Job Summary

The Veterinary Technologist assists the coordinator and other faculty members with responsibilities and duties associated with the learning facilities and activities of the Veterinary Technology Program. In support of the Veterinary Technology Program the Veterinary Technologist's duties and responsibilities include technical (computer skills), supervisory skills in both class and work environments, and understanding and implementing safety regulations. Other duties include communicating with clients, pharmaceutical representatives, and prospective students.

Duties and Responsibilities



  • Practice management of the veterinary technology clinics (small and large animal); maintains inventories of drugs and supplies; procure pricing for supplies and equipment; manage supply budget; maintain clinical case records using practice management software; train and supervise students in practice management software; coordinate admission and release of clinical patient; manage invoicing of clients and payments received; pharmaceutical representative liaison; communication with current and prospective clients.
  • Assist with student recruitment activities, including: handle inquiries from prospective students; meet with prospective students and conduct tours of facilities; assist with applications to the program; maintain applicant database and files; manage communication with applicants; attend career fairs at regional schools; assist with student orientation and registration.
  • Manage animals used in the teaching program, including: acquisition of animals for teaching labs; train and supervise students in the daily care of the animals; maintain inventories of animal feed; maintain records of animal care.
  • Assist with regulatory compliance and safety activities, including: understand and implement USDA, PHS, IACUC regulations; understand and implement OSHA regulations such as radiation safety, laser safety, anesthetic gas safety, dental prophylaxis safety, and chemical exposure safety; understand and implement AVMA accreditation guidelines.
  • Assist with animal labs, including: set up of equipment and supplies needed; selection and preparation of animals for intended procedures; supervision of students in performance of procedures; maintain teaching documentation per AVMA requirements; assist with post-lab clean-up and animal follow-up care; maintenance of equipment used in labs; coordination of lab assistants
  • Assist with continuing education programs such as Buffalo Trace Clinic Days.
  • Assist with grant writing activities and procurement of grant items.


  • Completes other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Organizational Relationships

The Veterinary Technologist will report to the Coordinator of the Veterinary Technology Program. This position has direct supervision of students in the Veterinary Technology Program. This position interacts with pharmaceutical representatives, faculty, staff, students, alumni and other University constituencies.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelors degree and Veterinary Technologist Credential (as defined by the Kentucky Veterinary Practice Act) plus 3 years experience in veterinary clinical practice, including clinical cases, practice management and personnel management. Practice management software experience required; IDEXX Cornerstone preferred.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

Excellent teamwork and multi-tasking attributes.

Working Conditions and Atmosphere 

The Veterinary Technology faculty and staff work together very closely in a cooperative teamwork fashion. The clinics are well equipped with the latest equipment and supplies. The workload is fairly heavy, with frequent interruptions. The job for the day is not done until the animals have been cared for and the documentation completed.

Date Approved/Revised:  June 25, 2008; June 19, 2009 per Dr. Phillips
Grade:  Exempt 3