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Assistant Farm Manager 

Job Summary

The Assistant Farm Manager assists the Farm Manager in the responsibility of managing the University Farm as a teaching laboratory for the Department of Agricultural & Human Sciences, and assumes all responsibilities for managing the farm in the absence of the Farm Manager. This management must include both production aspects of all enterprises on the farm, but also must include the providing of learning experiences for students enrolled in Agricultural courses.  The incumbent directs all activities that pertain to the operation and maintenance of the University Farm which includes livestock, horticultural, and agronomic enterprises.  The assistant farm manager must work with Agricultural faculty and supervise all farm staff as well as student workers.  The assistant farm manager supervises students who live at the University Farm.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Assist the farm manager to prepares and implement production schedules for all operations which include beef, swine, sheep, equine, forage, corn, tobacco, and horticultural crops including greenhouse plants grown in two greenhouses.
  • Assist in the maintenance of production records for all enterprises.
  • Maintains inventories on all assets and compiles monthly and yearly reports.
  • Identifies and secures all equipment and supplies needed.
  • Markets all products which are produced and sold which include the scheduling, transportation, and monitoring of all products sold.
  • Ensures that all equipment is maintained in such a manner to prolong the life of the equipment and at the same time provide safe and efficient equipment.
  • Maintains certification on restricted pesticides and ensures that all pesticides are used according to their directions and in such a manner to be safe both to farm workers and the environment. 
  • Maintains necessary records related to the purchase, storage, and use of all pesticides.
  • Maintains certification in waste water treatment and maintains those facilities and equipment.
  • Assist farm manager with assigning daily work schedules for all farm employees, workships, and student workers which includes weekends and holidays.
  • Assist farm manager in maintaining and records bi-weekly time sheets on staff and workships.
  • Assist with supervision of GA’s and assists the GA’s in the supervision of all students living at the DAC.
  • Maintains all buildings on the DAC which includes working with the Coordinator of the Veterinary Technology Program so as to assure that the custodian is providing adequate custodial care for an animal health care facility.
  • Maintains all grounds at the DAC.
  • Coordinates all events held at the Richardson Livestock Arena.  Ensuring that the arena is prepared, managed, and cleaned for all events.
  • Serves as the designated representative of MSU in dealing with the Farm Service Agency (formerly ASCS office) and develops plans for the office and provides all reports and information needed in order to comply with the current rules and regulations set forth by the KY and U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • Assist with the coordination with the residential staff members to ensure that both day and night security are provided.
  • Ensures that employees are given proper instructions to perform work in a safe manner.
  • Works daily with the Farm Manager, Coordinators of the Equine Program and Veterinary Technology Program and other faculty members to ensure that not only are learning experiences being provided for the students in the Agricultural Sciences Program, but that each of the enterprises are being managed in an appropriate manner.
  • Serves as a faculty member in the Department of Agricultural & Human Sciences to teach certain classes at the University Farm when needed.


  • Performs other job related duties as assigned by the Farm Manager and the Department Chair of the Agricultural & Human Sciences Department.

Organizational Relationships

The Assistant Farm Manager reports to the Farm Manager and the Chair of Agricultural & Human Sciences Department.  The Assistant Farm Manager consults with the Coordinators of the Equine Program and Veterinary Technology Program and other faculty members in other areas in order to make daily decisions related to the management of the University Farm.  The Assistant Farm Manager supervises all staff members and student workers employed at the University Farm.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor Degree in Agriculture (preference given to Animal Science or Agricultural Education degree); and one-year of farm management experience.  Basic computer skills.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

More than one-year of farm management experience.  Advanced computer skills.  Knowledge of farm management computer programs.

Working Conditions and Atmosphere

Both indoor and outdoor work in all types of weather conditions; strenuous physical activity and heavy lifting are required.  In order to provide supervision of the University Farm on a seven-day, twenty-four hour basis if needed and also for security reasons, the individual in this position is required to live in housing furnished by the University at the University Farm.