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Video Systems/Maintenance Technician (Telecommunications)

Job Summary

The Distance Learning Video Systems/ Maintenance Technician is responsible for providing operational, technical support and equipment maintenance for the university’s Interactive Television-KTLN, satellite programming, and video distribution needs related to distance learning. The position functions as a project manager from planning through implementation: budgets, timelines, evaluating and recommending equipment purchases, and bids.  The position advises and collaborates with users and management to develop and implement solutions for university distance learning initiatives; and assists with the development of guidelines and standards for technologies relating to distance learning classes and services. This position is responsible for the primary installation and maintenance of the university’s and extended campus centers compressed video, and maintenance of satellite down linking technologies. Provide consultation and expert advice to Distance Learning management. 

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Serves as project manager and/or project team member from planning through implementation: budgets, timelines, evaluating and recommending equipment purchases, and bids.
  • Supervises part-time staff and student workers that provide facilitation and other distance learning support.
  • Responsible for the primary ITV equipment installations and maintenance of the distance learning facilities.
  • Responsible for distance learning satellite equipment maintenance.
  • Provide support and faculty development in the use of distance learning compressed video technologies.
  • Provides assistance with videotape recording and duplication request for academic and regional services.
  • Assists in the development and on-going maintenance of documentation of KTLN equipment located in classroom facilities.
  • Monitors distance learning compressed video network and usage in order to provide quality assurance.
  • Analyze and implement solutions to address equipment-related service problems and advises management regarding future growth and development of services.
  • Assists with the development of documentation and reports related to Distance Learning satellite and KTLN programming and services.
  • Coordinates tours of compressed video facilities for public school groups, prospective MSU students, and new faculty and staff.


  • Maintains vendor relations and assists with the development of service and purchasing contracts for distance learning equipment and services.
  • Participates as a technical team member in the on-going development of the University’s distance learning program and services.
  • Performs other job related duties as assigned by supervisor.

Organizational Relationships

The Distance Learning Video Systems/Maintenance Technician reports to the Assistant Director of Technology Services and works closely with other distance learning support staff. Consults with the Office of Telecommunications Video Systems Consultant and Manager of Telecommunications within Information Technology.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in telecommunications or related field of four years of experience in an instructional telecommunications related field. Knowledge of compressed interactive video, satellite technologies, scheduling software, multimedia, CATV, video distribution, and other related technology systems. Excellent writing, verbal and communication skills are essential. Demonstrates excellence in managing technical projects.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

Masters degree or professional certificates in a related field are desirable. Desire to instruct and support faculty, staff and students with advanced multimedia technologies. Experience in a higher education environment, and working with a statewide videoconferencing network desirable.

Working Conditions and Atmosphere

Office environment consists of high volume of visitors, faculty, students, and staff needing support related to Distance Education applications. Some pressure may be expected on the job depending on the frequency and number of interruptions and the meeting of various project deadlines. Additional hours and travel is required as circumstances necessitate.