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Disability Services Coordinator

Job Summary

The Disability Services Coordinator is responsible for providing and coordinating services to, physically and/or learning disabled students, in the areas of academic and educational guidance and counseling.  Incumbent teaches Academic credit classes in career planning, study skills and/or  learning for success; serves as an academic advisor to general studies students; participates in student recruitment, registration, summer orientation and pre-registration activities; serves as the resource person at the University for physically and learning disabled students; works with faculty, staff, community organizations (Vocational Rehabilitation, Department for the Blind) and the general public to meet the needs of  Physically and/or learning disabled students.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Coordinates and provides services to students with physical and/or learning disabilities in the areas of academic advising and guidance and makes referrals to appropriate University and community resources  to help students attain their life and educational goals.
  • Recruits, trains, supervises, and evaluates graduate assistants to serve as coaches for students with disabilities .
  • Maintains confidential files regarding students’ disabilities and serves as a facilitator of information for faculty.
  • Works with faculty, staff and university offices to provide coordinated academic support services to all students in particular physically and/or learning disabled students.
  • Teaches Career Planning (EDGC  105),  and/or Study Skills (EDAH 102).
  • Coordinates Developmental Advising program for students with two or more developmental course needs.
  • Participates in all registration/pre-registration activities.
  • Participates in orientation/early registration activities for new students.
  • Maintains and accurately documents required student records and manages student  files for monitoring  and referral purposes.
  • Coordinates and supervises disability services data collection for the Director of First Year Programs & Academic Services.
  • Promotes awareness of University services for the physically and/or learning disabled throughout the University community (students, faculty, staff, and administration and Affirmative Action Committee.)
  • Assists students from all backgrounds, the physically and/or learning disabled in particular, in making a smooth transition to the University and in maintaining a well-balanced University experience.
  • Collaborates with the University ADA Officer to ensure that students’ needs are being met in accordance with federal regulations.
  • Designs, provides, and monitors academic support programs that address the special characteristics, background and experience of physically and/or learning disabled students to increase graduation and retention rates.
  • Assists prospective students who have been referred by the University staff, secondary school officials or community resources and participates in University events for recruitment.
  • Coordinates with the Learning Strategies Coordinator to ensure that tutoring service needs for referred students are being met.
  • Plans and implements seminars/workshops to enhance student academic development.
  • Assists and advises General Studies students in the areas of class schedules, study habits, career planning, degree plans and academic requirements.


  • Member of the University Housing/Dining Wavier Appeals Committee.
  • Attends professional development activities and conferences related to student and academic development.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of First Year Programs & Academic Services.

Organizational Relationships

The Disability Services Coordinator reports to the Director, Academic and Career Services.  This position interacts daily with students and staff and frequently with faculty, administrators and community professionals concerning needs of physically and/or learning disabled students.

Minimum Requirements

Master’s degree in guidance and counseling, adult and higher education, social work, vocational rehabilitation, clinical psychology, or a related area with at least two years of experience as a teacher, counselor, or administrator.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

Experience working with physically and/or learning disabled students, as well as educationally disadvantaged and high-risk students.  Demonstrated flexibility and proven interpersonal skills.

Working Conditions and Atmosphere

Long hours, weekend duties, numerous interruptions from phone calls and student drop-ins and faculty/staff consultations are typical.  Pressure from job deadlines, class preparation, paperwork, and student contacts can create a great deal of stress.

Date Approved/Revised:  August 1, 2010
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Grade:  E4