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Assistant Football Coach/Recruiting Coordinator

Job Summary

Under the supervision of the Head Football Coach, the incumbent will serve as recruiting coordinator, coaching the defensive special teams and the defensive line.  Incumbent will assist with other duties including, but not limited to, recruiting student-athletes, academic progress of student-athletes, planning practices, necessary public relations work, teach classes, assist in fundraising.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Maintains knowledge and rules of the NCAA in all aspects as it relates to this position.
  • Provides academic/personal counseling of position players weekly.
  • Collects and reviews academic accountability sheets.
  • Collects and reviews semester grade reports.
  • Coordinates all recruiting efforts and activities.
  • Establishes staff recruiting areas and responsibilities.
  • Compiles recruiting list from coaches, service, etc.
  • Compiles May recruiting list and transfer information to MSU senior recruiting in the fall.
  • Arranges recruiting visits for home games .
  • Creates gameday brochure and mail to prospective recruits.
  • Organizes game day visit itineraries with staff.
  • Completes all forms and letters in regards to visits, tickets, etc. with compliance/athletic staff.
  • Tracks NCAA Clearinghouse list as it pertains to initial eligibility.
  • Compiles and submits pass list for recruiting days.
  • Processes proper paper work for official visits w/staff.
  • Maintains mailing list and check-list on recruits.
  • Schedules recruiting programs and rooms on campus.
  • Secures lodging for prospective student athletes on official visits.
  • Keep Head Coach up to date on all recruiting matters.
  • Maintains up-to-date records on all incoming freshmen.
  • Tracks admissions status for incoming freshmen/transfers.
  • Tracks housing status for incoming freshmen/transfers.
  • Keeps staff informed of school calendar, activities, events, recruiting  calendar and period, test dates, etc. on monthly basis.
  • Recruits in state area by travel, phone and letter.
  • Recruits out of state area by travel, phone and letter.
  • Maintains recruiting Phone call log and collects from staff.
  • Assists with defensive game plan.
  • Compiles weekly run game tendencies from game film.
  • Makes suggestions for run game fronts, offense formation & personnel.
  • Provides suggestions for defensive calls.
  • Evaluates game day situations as it concerns defensive front seven.
  • Assists with defensive & special teams substitution game plan.
  • Coordinates punt, punt return and kick-off personnel and substitution from sideline.
  • Provides adjustments for LB's on sideline and half time.
  • Reviews defensive training/scouting tapes with assistant coach.
  • Provides grade position players, stats, qtr's played to assistant coach.
  • Completes position grades and qtr's played sheet each week.
  • Develops and provides tip Review sheets for position players by Thursday to assistant coach.
  • Provides weekly test for position players each Friday to assistant coach.
  • Develops substitution game plan for position players through assistant coach.
  • Assists defensive coordinator with personnel changes from sideline.
  • Assists in completion of scouting reports.
  • Compiles and produces favorite formations, runs, cover page and MSU weekly blitzes for scouting report.
  • Develops practice scripts & cards.
  • Formulates front 8 script cards.
  • Formulates group run script cards.
  • Coordinate Kick-Off team.
  • Assists with Punt unit, Punt return unit, and Kick-Off Return unit.
  • Evaluates opponents running game & RB's to staff.   
  • Assists with defensive game plan.
  • Recommends defensive calls.
  • Provides offensive film breakdown & tendencies.
  • Creates and produces opponents excel sheets.
  • Provides weekly film breakdown of opponent's film.
  • Liaison with Admissions Office.
  • Notifies all incoming freshmen/transfer students of advanced registration and orientation dates.
  • Liaison with Housing Office.
  • Processes incoming freshmen/transfers housing paperwork.
  • Reviews NCAA Clearing House with Offensive Coordinator/Head Football Coach.
  • Assists in weight room.
  • Assists in film breakdown and offensive tendencies.
  • Assists with study table.
  • Assists with equipment room.
  • Maintains recruiting film log in & out.
  • Coordinates all film logs with accurate and up to date information.


  • Other duties as assigned by Defensive Coordinator.
  • Other duties as assigned by Head Football Coach.
  • Teaches classes in Department of Health, Wellness, and Human Performance (HWHP) or in major discipline.

Organizational Relationships

This position reports to the Head Football Coach, with upline reporting to the Associate Director of Athletics, Director of Athletics, Vice President for Student Life and President.  Interacts with other members of the athletic department staff, secretaries, student-athletes, athletic trainers, sports information staff and other faculty/staff members as well as general public.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor's Degree and coaching or equivalent experience.  Working knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations.  Knowledge of NCAA rules and compliance issues concerning the administration of intercollegiate athletics.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

Master's degree.  Excellent communications and organizational skills.  Demonstrated ability to recruit student-athletes with potential for academic and athletic success.  Teaching experience.

Working Conditions and Atmosphere

In accordance with the principles of NCAA rules compliance, it is understood that any employee who is found in violation of NCAA regulations shall be subject to disciplinary or corrective action as set forth in the provisions of the NCAA enforcement procedures, including suspension without pay or termination of employment. If, for any reason, including but not limited to resignation, reassignment, death, disability, or involuntary termination of the head coach, this employment relationship automatically terminates within forty-five days of the date of the change in the status of the head coach.

Visible program under constant scrutiny of students, faculty, staff, community, media, and alumni. Considerable travel and frequent night and weekend hours involved.

Date Approved/Revised:  September 30, 2008; May 17, 2010
Grade:  Non-Classified