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Summary of Tuition Waiver

See University Administrative Regulation (UAR) 327.03 for Details

All full-time, benefits-eligible employees may take up to a maximum of six credit hours each academic term (fall, spring, and summer sessions) not to exceed a total of eighteen hours per academic year. Summer term includes all summer sessions combined. The tuition charges for the credit hours taken shall be waived by the University. Unused credit hours for any semester or term may not be carried forward to future terms.

The waiver is for tuition only and does not cover mandatory fees or other course costs (books, special course fees, private lessons, tutoring, drop/add fees, course materials, etc). The waiver also does not apply to non-credit continuing or community education courses, courses offered through overseas programs, correspondence courses and audited courses.

Please be aware that graduate classes must be taxed according to IRS Regulation 15-B.  This regulation states that should an employer provide an employee with education assistance exceeding $5,250 per year, the employer must include the value of these benefits as wages.  If you feel that you will exceed the taxable limit of $5,250, please know that you can make adjustments to your federal tax withholding at any time throughout the year.

Tuition Waiver for dependents or employees:

For more details on the Tuition Waiver, please see the link above.

Application for Tuition Wavier at Any Kentucky Post-Secondary Educational Institution

Morehead State University employees are eligible to take classes at any Kentucky Post-Secondary Institution.  To do so, simply complete the Application for Tuition Waiver at Any Kentucky Post-Secondary Educational Institution(DO NOT USE THIS FORM IF YOU ARE TAKING CLASSES AT OR THROUGH MSU)