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Morehead State University’s classification plan establishes job classifications based on factor comparison to other classified positions. Classification determinations are based on factors such as knowledge and skill, level of responsibility, working relationships, accountability, working conditions, and more. Information needed to classify positions is obtained from a Job Description, which is required to be on file for every staff position. The classification plan includes two categories – exempt and nonexempt. More details of the plan can be found on the link below called Classification Process at MSU, Power Point Presentation.

Classification Process at MSU Power Point Presentation (.ppt)

How To Write a Job Description (.ppt)



 Classification Forms

Position Review, Request, and Questionaire 

Job Description Forms

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Personnel Policies and University Administrative Regulations Affecting the Classification Process

PG-44 - Staff Job Classification Wage and Salary Administration

UAR - 324.02 - Position Evaluation Review Procedure