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Housing Staff

At Morehead State University there are a number of positions whose responsibility it is to ensure that the needs of our residents are met in a timely fashion. You may hear your student talk about staff members they have interacted with or positions they have held. This is a basic guide to what positions may interact with your student!

Resident Advisor or RA: An undergraduate student responsible for managing a floor or floors of a residence hall. RAs are community builders, responsible for ensuring that each of our residents has a community that is conducive to the educational pursuits of Morehead State. RAs live on the floors they are responsible for and provide emergency management on an on-call basis for their hall.

Student Director or SD: An undergraduate or graduate student responsible for the administrative management of a residence hall or apartment community. SDs in a traditional residence hall supervise a staff of RAs. Building management and community building from a leadership level makes the SD position one of the most competitive and attractive on campus. SDs live in the building they are responsible for and serve in an on-call crisis response rotation for the entire campus.

Hall Director or HD: A full-time professional staff member responsible for building administration and staff management for multiple halls or apartments on campus. HDs are professional staff members who ensure the operations of the living options on campus are managed in an effective and efficient manner and the residents have easy access to a trained professional for issues and events they may need assistance in managing. HDs reside in an apartment within the communities they are responsible for and serve in an on-call crisis response capacity for the campus.

Area Coordinator or AC: A full time, master's level professional member responsible for an area of campus and multiple buildings.  An AC supervises hall directors and responsibilities include student conduct, building and campus programming, and training of our student staff members.

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