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2012-2013 Resident Advisor Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Resident Advisor (RA), although assigned to a specific floor, is responsible for the well-being of all residents within his/her residence hall. The primary role of the RA is to assist residents in achieving their goals both personally and academically. The RA serves as a facilitator encouraging cooperation and consideration within group-living environments and is expected to help build a community atmosphere by initiating and helping to organize floor and/or hall programs/activities. He/She serves as an informational resource concerning the Morehead State University campus, policies, organizations and the residence halls. Most importantly, the Resident Advisor is expected to be available within his/her assigned residence hall and especially on his/her specific floor. The Resident Advisor is expected to act as a positive role model within the Morehead State community.

Basic Requirements:
All RAs are expected to maintain a professional attitude and manner at all times while serving as an employee of Morehead State University Housing Office. The RA is considered a role model for other students and must adhere to all University and residence hall regulations and policies and the Housing Office staff policies and procedures. Each RA is to uphold and show a positive attitude toward any administrative decision. RAs are required to complete the Housing Application/Contract, and have a Room Deposit on file.

Terms of Employment:
RAs must be full-time students in good standing academically, financially and socially with the University. They should have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25. Participation in Fall and/or Spring training and assisting in the opening and closing of the residence halls is mandatory. Each RA is on-duty at least one (1) night a week and works an average of 3 to 6 weekends per semester (not including opening and closing weekends which are required). The RA is expected to perform additional duties as requested by his/her Supervisor and/or the Housing Office.

Training Sessions & Meeting Expectations:
RAs are expected to attend weekly staff meetings as designated by his/her direct supervisor. RAs are also required to participate in all Fall and/or Spring Trainings and In-Service sessions as scheduled. Training may be during a weekend, weekday, or evening hours. If the RA is unable to attend a mandatory event, meeting, or training, written approval must be obtained from his/her direct supervisor prior to the date of the event.

Policy Expectations:
RAs will be responsible for all keys and university property assigned to them. RAs will be assessed for any lost, stolen, or damaged university issued property. Enforcement of all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures outlined in the Eagle Student Handbook is expected. Residence Hall Staff will abide by all rules and regulations of Morehead State University as stated in the Eagle Student Handbook. The MSU Housing Office has zero tolerance for RA policy violations. Any RA found violating policy will be asked to resign or will be terminated from their position.

Online Community Expectations:
If an RA is part of an online community; i.e., Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc., he/she should refrain from posting information or pictures that violate departmental policies or values, reflect unfavorably on the Housing Office, MSU, or anything that could be perceived to hinder credibility in performing RA responsibilities.

On-Duty Cell Phone Expectations:
Cell phones are provided to RAs for the purpose of conducting University business only. Cell phones are to be used by the RA on-duty in order to seek assistance (i.e. Building Supervisor, Professional On-Call, University Police Department, etc.), for residents, University Police Department or Housing Office Staff to contact RA staff. The weeknight on-duty RA is required to have possession of the on-duty cell phone from 7pm to 7am. The weekend on-duty RA is required to have possession of the on-duty cell phone at all times. All use of cell phones must be in a safe and prudent manner. While on-duty, the cell phone is the RAs responsibility and should be returned the following day by 12pm to the designated area within his/her hall. If the cell phone is lost or damaged while in the RAs possession, they are accountable for the replacement cost. The cell phone is not to be used for personal incoming or outgoing calls/text messages at any time. If an RA is found in violation of misusing the cell phone for personal calls and/or text messaging, disciplinary action will be taken, and can result in termination of position.

On-Duty Night(s) Expectations:
The RA is responsible for all expectations, responsibilities, and tasks as given by the Housing Office. Resident Advisors are required to be on-duty a minimum of one night through the week (Monday-Thursday) and anywhere from 2-6 weekends per Fall/Spring semester. RAs are required to work opening and closing weekends each semester and possibly other high activity weekends. Official RA on-duty nights begin at 7:00pm and end at 7:00am the following morning. During this time, responsibilities include but are not limited to: rounds, interaction with students and staff, identifying work orders, addressing discipline situations and assisting with problems/concerns which may arise. All duty nights require RAs to be in the building, carry the hall cell phone at all times, and be available to residents at all times. Additional signs may need to be posted if the RA is not in his/her room. While on-duty during the work week (Monday-Thursday), RAs may not have more than 2 visitors in his/her room at any given time. During the weekend on-duty shift, the RA is to remain within the Morehead city limits at all times in case s/he is needed to return to the residence hall for assistance and must be in the building from 7:00pm – 7:00am. The RA on-duty is NOT to consume any substance which hinders his/her decision making process or performance skills 24 hours prior to being on-duty nor over the course of the on-duty shift.

Programming Requirements:
Each RA is required to complete a minimum of one (1) active program and one (1) community program per month during the academic year. In addition, all passive programming (bulletin boards and door decorations) must be complete by the 5th of each month. All program plans must be submitted each semester by the 2nd week of classes. A complete program proposal must be submitted to his/her direct supervisor no less than two (2) weeks prior to the event. The direct supervisor must approve the program. Active programs will be designed to follow the MSU SUCCESS programming model.

Knowledge and Skills Needed to Excel:
Ability to understand and follow written and verbal instructions
Ability to confront discipline situations and handle emergency situations as trained
Ability to complete all administrative paperwork appropriately and in a timely manner
Ability to receive performance feedback and adjust working skills appropriately
Ability to work independently and with little supervision
Working knowledge of Microsoft Word & Publisher
Working knowledge of Blackboard
Working knowledge of all MSU policies, procedures, and campus resources
Basic knowledge of event/program planning

Specialized Training Received:
Blood borne Pathogens Conflict Resolution
Sexual Assault Protocol
Suicide Prevention (QPR)
Alcohol Awareness
Sexual Health
Emergency Protocol
Fire Safety
Controlled Marijuana burn & paraphernalia

Academic Expectations:
Each RA is expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.25. A potential RA must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 to be hired. If an RA’s cumulative GPA falls below the minimum requirement, the individual will be placed on academic probation. Once an RA is placed on academic probation, he/she must obtain a 2.25 GPA the following semester or the RA will be required to resign.