Going Green @ MSU
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Green Committee

The Green Committee is an ad hoc committee joining Faculty Senate and Staff Congress in the purpose of finding ways for MSU to "go green." Our primary goals are promoting sustainability, improving energy conservation, increasing recycling, and improving awareness of environmental issues at MSU.



Allie Secor, Community Recycling Center, 325recycle@windstream.net 

Amanda Holbrook, a.holbrook@moreheadstate.edu 

Ann Andaloro, a.andaloro@moreheadstate.edu 

Ann Rathbun, co-chair, a.rathbun@moreheadstate.edu 

Anthony Johnson, Johnson-Anthony@aramark.com

April Haight, a.haight@moreheadstate.edu

April Hobbs Nutter, a.nutter@moreheadstate.edu

Benji Bryant, b.bryant@moreheadstate.edu

Carolyn Franzini, Sustainable Morehead, CarolynFranzini@gmail.com

Connie Spencer-Ackerman, c.spencerack@moreheadstate.edu

Craig Dennis, c.dennis@moreheadstate.edu

David Jessie, d.jessie@moreheadstate.edu

Edna Schack, e.schack@moreheadstate.edu

Ezra Dike, endike01@moreheadstate.edu

Hans Chapman, h.chapman@moreheadstate.edu

J Marshall, j.marshall@moreheadstate.edu 

Jeremy Burton, jkburton@moreheadstate.edu

Joel Pace, j.pace@moreheadstate.edu

Lisa Bryant, labrya4@gmail.com

Patty Little, p.little@moreheadstate.edu 

Ray Bailey, ra.bailey@moreheadstate.edu

Rebecca McGinnis, r.mcginnis@moreheadstate.edu

Robert Cooper, r.cooper@moreheadstate.edu 

Sanjeev Adhikari, s.adhikari@moreheadstate.edu 

Tina McWain, co-chair, t.mcwain@moreheadstate.edu 

Todd Thacker, t.thacker@moreheadstate.edu 

Vanessa Webb, v.webb@moreheadstate.edu