Going Green @ MSU
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Green Initiatives @ MSU  

People on campus are being green:

  • "Use paper documents with one blank side as "scrap" paper before discarding in the recycling bin. Whenever possible, copy or print documents as double-sided!"
  • "When weather permits, I am commuting to and from my office on MSU's campus via a bicycle. It is 12 miles one way. If both Monday and Wednesday are nice I can save 48 miles of driving my car to campus each week. That's about 2 gallons of gas each week. Weather permitting."
  • "I currently have a box in my office to recycle all my paper. I would like to suggest that others do the same as well. . . I have purchased 2 CFL bulbs for the lamps that were in the office I inherited and I do not use the overhead flourescent lights."
  • "I bring a cup and flatware to work, so I don't have to use disposable ones."
  • "Our office has a water cooler, so we use fewer plastic water bottles."
  • "I keep all my plastic bags, bottles and cans in a Walmart bag in my room and I take it down to the recycling bins every weekend. I encourage people on my floor to do the same. I also bought a light bulb for my desk lamp that uses less energy and doesn't get as hot. I use this at night and during the day, I try to keep the lights turned off and the blinds open to use less electricity."


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