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General Education Program

Core Curriculum Course Proposals

Instructions and forms for Submission 

University General Education Core Curriculum Proposal Comment Form (MS Word)

Effective Date: October 19, 2009

Instructions for Submitting a proposal

  • All Course proposals will be formatted in Microsoft Word and submitted via email attachment to
  • The completed course proposal will be reviewed by the department committee, chair, college committee, and dean simultaneously.  The completed comment forms will be emailed to with copies to the originator.
  • One paper copy of the proposal with all signatures on the comment forms must also be submitted to the Chair of the General Education Council, 331 Allie Young, according to posted deadlines. 

  • Incomplete or incorrectly formatted proposals will be returned to the originator.

  • Any changes to the proposal required by the General Education Council must be made by the originator of the document and resubmitted for further review and/or acceptance. 


General Education Core Curriculum Course Proposals must contain the following:



A.  Course prefix, number*, title, credit hours, and semester(s) offered. 
B.   Course description as it will appear in the catalog, including pre-requisites/co-requisites, petition requirements and restrictions.
  Example: XYZ 101. Introductory Methods. (3-0-3); I. petition required. A study of the impact of technology on individuals, society, and the environment.


*number will be assigned by Registrar; specify only 100 or 200 level.

C. Provide a sample course syllabus.  This syllabus is subject to all pertinent department/school, college and/or university policies and guidelines.  See MSU Syllabus Checklist.

II.  Complete the appropriate Core Course Student Learning Objectives Assessment form

III.  Attach a sample syllabus (View MSU syllabus checklist)



  1. The new General Education curriculum will start with an entirely new set of courses. Any existing General Education course may be revised and proposed.  All course proposals must be submitted using the  Type IIA University General Education Program course proposal format.
  2. The General Education Council will accept only one Core proposal from each discipline except MATH.
  3. COURSE LEVEL ASSESSMENT:  The goal of General Education Program assessment is to demonstrate that the program is meeting its goals and to determine whether all courses in the program are contributing to student growth and development. Course Level Assessment creates measurable outcomes and establishes the process by which all sections of the course will use common, course embedded assessments to evaluate student performance and course effectiveness.  These assessments must also apply to online, regional campus, ITV, or other DL delivery; they must be systematically and rigorously applied every semester in every section of the course; and they must be designed and used for improvement in student learning. Use the appropriate form to describe the assessments to be used in all sections of the course.
  4. VARIATION IN SECTIONS:  Variations in instruction and in course syllabi are allowed, as long as the approved course design is met, and all instructors list on the syllabus and use the assessments specified in the course proposal.  It is not necessary to list all assessments in the course proposal– only those agreed upon as common assessments to be used in all sections.
  5. Fall 2009 Submission Dates:
    • November 13, 2009:  All comments from department/schools/college must be provided to the originator in order to allow the originator to respond to the comments prior to final submission.  The comments should be sent both to the originator and the  mailbox.
    • November 20, 2009:  Core course proposals must have satisfactorily moved through necessary department/school and college approvals and arrive at the General Education Council for review
    • December 7, 2009: Council will have reviewed all proposals and returned any that require additional information
    • January 12, 2010: Last day to resubmit returned core course proposals to the Council
    • January 18, 2010: Gen Ed Council Approval of Core Gen Ed Curriculum