General Education
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General Education Steering Committee


Karla Hughes Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dayna Seelig Associate VP Academic Affairs/Academic Programs
Charles Patrick Assistant Vice President University College
Geoff Gearner Biological & Environmental Sciences
Jill Ratliff Director Institutional Effectiveness


The Committee began as a team, selected in February 2007, to participate in the American Association of Colleges and Universities' Institute on General Education held in Providence, Rhode Island, 19-22 May 2007.  Team members included Debbie Abell (team leader), Yvonne Baldwin, Geoff Gearner, Eric, Jerde, Kathy Mincey, and Jill Ratliff.  See the AAC&U Application MSU submitted; and the President's AAC&U Briefing describing the Team's charge. Following the Rhode Island conference, Team members met with the new Provost, Karla Hughes, to discuss what was learned and what direction MSU should take.  See MSU's AAC&U Institute Final Report.  Dr. Hughes asked the team to carry on as the General Education Task Force with the charge of organizing and initiating the process of redesigning Morehead State University's General Education program.  The Task Force prepared and disseminated to the MSU Community the Pathway to Success document which will frame and guide the general education reform effort at MSU.  With the formation of the Faculty General Education Advisory Council in early November 2007, the Task Force changed its title to the General Education Steering Committee and broadened its membership to include the Chair of the FGEAC.