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Bachelor of University Studies

A major, minor, or area of concentration is not required for the Bachelor of University Studies degree. Students may take a wide variety of subjects or concentrate all studies beyond the general education requirements in a single discipline.

For more information, see an advisor, regional campus director, or Academic Advising and Retention (321 Allie Young Hall), or call (606) 783-2084.

You will receive your Bachelor of University Studies degree after you: 
  • Complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of prescribed and elective college credit, 42 semester hours of which must be courses numbered 300 or above.
  • Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on all work completed at the University
  • Complete at least 32 hours at Morehead State University , with the last 16 hours preceding graduation earned from MSU. Correspondence courses do not satisfy this requirement.
  • Complete 36 semester hours of general education courses. See the general education course requirements for Bachelor's Degree Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Complete a three credit hour FYS 101: First Year Seminar course during the first academic year if the student begins as a freshman or transfers to MSU with less than 24 credit hours.
  • For students with 24 or more transfer credit hours, the FYS 101 requirement is waived but the student must complete a course in SBS I or SBS II to meet general education requirements.

Note: Credit earned by a combination of correspondence courses and credit by examination cannot exceed 32 semester hours toward a baccalaureate degree or 16 semester hours toward an associate degree.

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