Faculty Senate Minutes
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Faculty Senate Minutes

October 5, 2006


Call to Order:

Call to order: 4:15 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent:  Pamela Colyer, Diana Haleman, Barbara Lyons, Dean Owen, Michelle Walters

Visitors:  Allie Quakenbush, Suzanne Hogge

Allie Quakenbush from the Physical Improvement Committee of Student Government informed the Senate that one of their main goals this semester is to restore Eagle Lake.  They will be looking to restore the walking trail, add recreation such as a shelter, fishing pier, and also looking at safety issues.  The members were asked to join the Lake Restoration Task Force and/or provide suggestions/input to the chair of the task force, Malanie Hughes, at lanieloomsu88@yahoo.com.

Minutes:  Senator Breschel moved to approve the minutes of September 21, 2006, with the following changes:  change the word “motioned” to “moved” throughout the document; and on page 2, delete the sentence “The CPE recommends funding based on bachelors degrees.”  Motion passed.


Chair’s Report:

  • The President is completing the job description for the Provost position and will identify the members of the search committee in the near future.
  • There is discussion regarding not including reading day in finals week this fall.  Blocks of time would be set aside for projects that require more than two hours.  The Provost will address this discussion in his report later in the meeting.
  • CPE is making money available for institutions for Stewardship of Place.  A proposal is being drafted to obtain this money from CPE.  Any questions may be addressed to the Provost during his report later in the meeting.

The question was asked why the University is not closed on Election Day.  Chair Lindell suggested asking the Provost.

Regents Report:  No Report.

Senate Actions:

Academic Policies:

  • An amendment to the UAR concerning the Academic Calendar was presented for a first reading.  Suggestions for revisions were made. 

A suggestion was made to include that the University be closed on Election Day.

It was noted that Morehead State University’s semester is one week longer than every other public school in Kentucky which puts Morehead State in a competitive disadvantage.  If Morehead State University’s semester consisted of 15 weeks of classes and 1 week of final exams the University would be more in line with other schools in Kentucky and would be at more of a competitive advantage for purposes of consistency and retention.

Fiscal Affairs:

  • A resolution concerning the nine-month pay option for faculty working nine-month contracts was presented.

In Spring 2006 Regent Irons spoke with Dana Baldridge, who explained that coding for withholdings and deductions works best in Colleague when it is set up on 24 pay periods.  To include nine-month pay periods would require many individual manual overrides.

Regent Irons made the following friendly amendment to the resolution:  we resolve that the nine-month pay option be reinstated for faculty on nine-month contracts.  Senator Buck moved to accept the friendly amendment.  Motion passed.  Senator Buck moved that the resolution be accepted.  Resolution passed as amended.

  • A Resolution Calling for Adherence to Official University Policy was presented.

Senator Wallace moved to approve the resolution as presented.  Motion passed.

Regent Irons moved to suspend the order of the day and recognize Suzanne Hogge from Human Resources.  Motion passed.

Human Resources Report:

  • Suzanne Hogge presented information on health insurance for 2007.  In 2006 Morehead State University changed to a fully funded insurance plan with CHA as opposed to the self funded plan prior to that time.  In the last several years of the self insured plan claim increases averaged about 20%.  The renewal quote for 2007 is about a 21% increase in premiums.  The second quote is an 18% increase.  The University will pay 75% of the premium and the employees will pay 25% of the premium based on total premiums across the plans with a sliding premium scale.  The premiums will increase for 2007.  The University will absorb the increases for the first half of 2007.  The employee’s premiums will not increase until July 2007.  Suzanne Hogge provided handouts showing a breakdown of the University and the employee contribution and an explanation of how the premiums will be deducted from paychecks.  The open enrollment period will be October 16 through November 3, 2006.  A question and answer session followed.

Fiscal Affairs: (continued)

  • Chair Harford reported that raises should begin in January, 2007.

Governance Committee:

  • Revisions to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Description were presented for a first reading.


  • A list of “friendly reminders” will be emailed to every member after each Senate meeting along with a list of accomplishments, in order for Senators to share information with faculty in their departments.


  • Continuing to look at PBSI.
  • Anticipate having a report on the Administrators Survey that was conducted in Spring 2006 by the next Senate meeting.

Professional Policies:

  • Facililate.com is still open for comments on tenure and promotion.
  • Per a Human Resources newsletter in June every employee will have an electronic timecard.  For faculty, only sick leave will have to be reported; however, sick leave is reported in real time, e.g., if you turn in sick leave on the 30th of the month you are reporting for the last two weeks of the month.  The system is locked 5 days prior to the pay period so if you take sick leave the 29th of the month that day will have to be submitted manually to Human Resources to be entered.  How the timecards are processed will be up to each department.

Provost’s Report:

  • An Ad-Hoc committee has been formed to review Honors Week and the Celebration of Student Research in order to combine the two more efficiently.  Anyone interested in working with that committee can notify David Magrane or the Provost.
  • At the request of the President, the Provost is appointing a committee to address issues with regard to replacing technology and classroom furnishings.  Anyone interested in working with that committee can notify the Provost.
  • A suggestion has been made to eliminate reading day.  The Provost will submit the following two proposals to the Cabinet:

          1.       Modified reading day consisting of exams in the morning and time in the afternoon for

                    student projects or presentations that require more than two hours to complete.

          2.       Spread out the exams over the entire five days.

Any thoughts or opinions on the two proposals can be presented to the Provost.

  • The Regional Stewardship Proposal will be reviewed by the Cabinet and hopefully a draft will be available to the faculty the week of October 9th.  The process of identifying the Regional Advisory Council is ongoing.  Any suggestions of appropriate people in the region to serve on the Advisory Council should be forwarded to Keith Kappes or the Provost.

A Senator asked why the University is not closed on Election Day this year, and suggested that in the future the University should be closed on Election Day.  The Provost will take the issue to the Registrar who is chair of the scheduling committee.

New Business:

  • A Senator asked about the review of the academic class schedule.  The Provost stated that the academic class schedule was part of a broad strategic enrollment plan.  The report is complete and in the process of being posted to the web.


  • The Bowling Team’s steak dinner is today at the Perkins Center.

Adjournment:  5:20 pm.