Faculty Senate Minutes
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Faculty Senate Minutes

September 21, 2006 (Revised)


Call to Order:

Call to order: 4:10 pm; Commonwealth Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent:  Pamela Colyer, Sam Nataraj

Minutes:  Senator Neeper moved to approve the minutes of May 4, 2006.  Motion passed.  Senator Wallace moved to approve the minutes of August 31, 2006 and September 7, 2006.  Motion passed.


Chair’s Report:

  • IRB committee has made several improvements in procedures.  Beginning in February 2007 anyone submitting a protocol to the IRB will be required to complete the CITI training on line.  The IRB chair will be visiting the departments to explain the new procedures.
  • The policy for the development of ITV and online courses, including stipends, is under review.
  • The deans and chairs are interested in working with the Senate on PBSI, promotion and tenure.

Provost’s Report:

  • The response to the report from the Committee on Equal Opportunities (CEO) of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) is online at the Diversity site.  The site will close on Monday.
  • The University applied for a new Carnegie classification of “Community Engaged Campus.”
  • The CPE secured $200,000 through the state 06-08 budget to develop the infrastructure for the Regional Stewardship Program.  The draft of the proposal to obtain this funding may be available the week of September 25th for review by the campus community.  One of the criteria is the establishment of a Regional Advisory Committee that will approve any other proposals or activities that the University engages in, including a proposal next year for another $300,000 to work on specific projects.
  • The CPE approved the Masters of Education in Educational Technology degree.

Questions about the payroll schedule were raised.  The Steering Implementation Committee approved the elimination of nine-month pay and it was effective August 1, 2006 when the General Ledger went live on Colleague.  Many decisions that have policy implications are being made very quickly with the conversion to Datatel and Colleague.  Chair Lindell referred the issue to the Fiscal Affairs Committee.

The Senate will not be able to affect decisions that have already been made, but might want to address the way future decisions are made.

Regent’s Report – Board of Regents Meeting September 14, 2006

  • The Board granted educational leaves.
  • The student regent asked who is responsible for enforcing the no smoking policy at the entrances to buildings.  The Vice President for Student Life indicated that the Police Department had not been directed to issue citations.
  • Projected enrollment for fall 2006 is 9,102, not all of whom have paid.  The budget was based on 9,300.  The President is working with the Cabinet and the Vice Presidents to determine what budget reallocations and adjustments will be necessary to deal with the shortage of funds.  No decisions have been made at this time.
  • The CPE approved the degree and enrollment targets for 2020.  By the year 2020 MSU is expected to produce 1,799 bachelors degrees per year.  This past year MSU awarded 1,038 bachelors degrees.  The undergraduate enrollment target for 2020 is 11,994.  Undergraduate enrollment for 2005 was 7,549.  The degree-awarding goal is the most important.
  • The CPE wants the comprehensive institutions to be stewards of regions as an essential part of their mission.

A question was asked if the Faculty Senate will have input in the budget reallocations.  The Cabinet may put a hold on non recurring projects to alleviate the budget shortfall.

A senator asked which goal (bachelors degrees per year or undergraduate enrollment) the CPE is basing the funding formula on.  The CPE is putting forth the targets to get more funding from the legislature. 

Senate Actions:

Governance Committee:

  • The Governance Committee made the following appointments for approval:

                   At Large Faculty Promotion Committee:  Rosemary Carlson and Richard Miles

                   Undergraduate Curriculum Gen. Ed. Committee:  Scott Meisel

                   Technology Resource Committee:  Sara Lindsey

                   Wellness Committee:  Euijin Kim

                   Professional Development Committee:  Ishappa Hullur

                   Research and Creative Productions Committee:  Mee-Ryoung Shon

          The appointments were approved.

The Governance Committee received the following Presidential appointments:

                   Faculty Representative to the Student Media Board:  Shondra Nash

                   Faculty Representative to the Campus Environment Team/Affirmative Action:  Timothy Hare

          The appointments were approved.

  • Two positions are open on the University Planning Committee – one from Humanities and one from Business.  A description of the Planning Committee was provided.  Greg Penner was nominated from Humanities.  Tom Kiffmeyer moved to close the nominations.  Scott Wymer was nominated from Business.  Doug Chatham moved to close the nominations.  Greg Penner and Scott Wymer, by acclamation, were appointed to the Planning Committee.

Academic Policies:  No Report.

Communication:  No Report.


  • The charge to the committee is to review the problems with PBSI.  The chair asked the Senators to contact the faculty in their respective departments via email to determine their thoughts on the PBSI process, e.g., what they like about the process and what they would like to see changed.  Faculty can forward their comments to the Evaluation Committee Chair at c.thomas@moreheadstate.edu or any member of the Evaluation Committee.  The Evaluation Committee will be working with the Professional Policies Committee.

Fiscal Affairs:

  • The charge to the committee is also to look at PBSI and gather data with regard to specific dollar numbers.
  • The charge in the SACS review is to increase the amount of involvement of faculty and Faculty Senate in the budget planning process.
  • The two most pressing issues that will be looked at immediately are:  to determine how the salary increase in January will be done and provide feedback to the Senate; and health benefits.  The committee distributed a suggestion sheet for the members to submit additional issues that need to be addressed.

Professional Policies:

  • The main goal is to revamp tenure and promotion to be a growth process.  Tenure, promotion, and PBSI should be part of a Faculty Development Plan.  Facilitate.com will be open until mid to late October for comments from faculty regarding issues such as tenure, promotion, PBSI, etc.  After the results are compiled there will be a forum for faculty, chairs, and deans to review the comments and determine if the process can be improved.
  • The CPE feels it is important to add reward for regional stewardship activities.
  • PG18 – Intellectual Property Policy will be presented to the Senate in the next few weeks and posted on the website.

New Business:

  • It was noted that a change to Professional Policy that was approved last year to add the term sexual orientation to PG5 and the Equal Employment Opportunity Statement has not been added to other University documents.


  • Senator O’Flanagan provided a handout regarding an online survey to be conducted by the Library in October to evaluate the services of the Library to the University community and encouraged the faculty to take part in the survey.
  • Kentuckians for the Commonwealth will have a membership and fund raising activity downtown on September 23, 2006.
  • University Faculty/Staff picnic is September 23, 2006.

Adjournment:  5:10 pm.