Faculty Senate Minutes
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Faculty Senate Minutes

August 31, 2006


Call to Order:

Call to order: 4:13 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.


Chair’s Report:  Outgoing Chair Jerde welcomed all the members and introduced Janet Skidmore as the new secretary.

A roll call was taken.  The following senators were absent:  Jason Holcomb and Greg Wing.

Outgoing Chair Jerde turned the gavel over to Chair Lindell.  Chair Lindell presented outgoing Chair Jerde with a plaque and gavel.

Senate Actions:

Elections for the executive council were held.  The following were elected as departmental representatives on the executive council:  Michael Harford, Business; Karen Lafferty, Education; Cathy Thomas, Humanities; and Eric Jerde, Science and Technology.  Mike Wallace and Christopher Schroeder were elected for the two at-large positions.

Members of the newly elected executive council were placed on a ballot for chair elect.  Eric Jerde was elected as chair elect.

Adjournment:  4:45 pm.