Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2004

Call to Order: 

Call to order: 4:10 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC. 

Senators Absent: Roland Buck, Julie Gawne, Jeanie Lee, Lesia Lennex, John Newsome, David Oyen, Edna Schack, Ron Spangler,, Cathy Thomas, and Troy Wistuba.

Minutes: Minutes of last meeting were approved as written. 

Senate Actions:

Governance Committee: Employee Benefits Committee Description was presented for a first reading. 

Senate Constitution was presented for a second reading (the draft that was presented can be found at http://www.morehead-st.edu/units/facsenate/archive/2004_01_30_constitution.pdf).  The following motions were made:

  • 1.Senator Rogers moved to correct the three typing errors within the constitution.  Motioned seconded and passed. 
  • 2.Senator Morgan moved to divide the issue and vote on each article separately.  Motion seconded and passed. 
  • 3.Senator Frike made the following motion: ‘Replace the word “two” in line 35 by “one” so that the second sentence (lines 32-36) in section 3 shall read: Faculty who may be elected as senators shall have “full-time standing” appointments (PG-3), shall have teaching/research as a primary responsibility, and shall have been employed by the University as “full-time standing” or “full-time fixed” faculty for at least one full academic year.’  Motion seconded and failed.
  • 4.Senator Grise’ moved to replace the word ‘recommended’ in line 36 with ‘required’.  Motion seconded and passed.
  • 5.Senator Schack made the following friendly motion to Senator Grise’s motion: ‘The sentence should end with ‘must be tenured unless the department has no eligible tenured faculty when electing a senator’.’  Friendly motion was accepted.
  • 6.Senator DeMoss made the following motion to amend Article Two, Section 4, lines 44 - 45 to read as follows: ‘Faculty elected by their departmental majority will serve a term of three years.  However, faculty elected by their departmental majority will be limited to two consecutive terms, at which time the senator is required to sit out two terms prior to representing their respective department again.  Terms of office by departmental representatives will be staggered for the senate as a whole, thereby maintaining senate stability.’  Motion seconded and failed.
  • 7.It was moved to accept Article Two: Membership as amended.  Motion seconded and passed.
  • 8.Senator Grise’ made the motion: ‘change recommended to required in line 123.’  Motion seconded.
  • 9.Senator Morgan made the following friendly amendment to Senator Grise’ motion: ‘add either required to be tenured or a librarian rank three or four.’  Motion as amended passeed.
  • 10.Senator Kmetz made the following motion: ‘delete the following sentence on lines 123 and 124: ‘It is required that the Faculty Senate Chair to be either tenured or a librarian three or four.’.’ Motion seconded and passed.
  • 11.Senator DeMoss made the following motion: Article Four, Section 2, lines 125 - 127 be changed to read as follows: ‘The academic department shall elect a one-year replacement to represent the department during the Chair’s term of service.’  Motion withdrawn.
  • 12.It was moved to accept Article Four: Officers.  Seconded and passed.
  • 13.Senator Rogers moved to remove the following from lines 248 and 249: ‘including health insurance.’  Motion seconded and failed.
  • 14.It was moved to accept Article Five: Committees.  Motion seconded and passed unanimously.
  • 15.It was moved to accept Article Seven: University Support.  Motion seconded and passed. 

The Salary Proposal Resolution was presented for a second reading.  Motion passed.


 5:45 pm