Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2004

Call to Order: 

Call to order: 4:15 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC. 

Senators Absent: Haiwook Choi, Greg Goldey, William Grise’, Edna Schack, and Troy Wistuba. 

Minutes: Approved as distributed.

Senate Actions:

Governance Committee:

The following committee nomination was approved: Manuel Provst, EDU, Research and Creative Production Committee.

A first reading regarding committee structure and the reassigning of some members to be chosen ‘at large’ rather than from specific colleges was presented.

 Old Business:

 The Senate Constitution was presented for a second reading. (The draft can be found at 
http://www.morehead-st.edu/units/facsenate/archive/2004_01_30_constitution.pdf)  It was noted that a vote would take place at the next Senate meeting.  Senator Irons made the following motion: ‘To limit the debate and amendment to the constitution only to the proposed changes presented by Senator Jerde.’  Motion seconded and failed.  Senator Grueninger moved to table the constitution.  Motion seconded and passed.  Senator Irons made the following motion: That the amendments to the constitution changes be made available at the beginning of next week.’  Motion seconded.  Motion withdrawn.


 5:45 pm