Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2003

Call to order: 

4:18 pm; 111 Rader Hall.

Senators absent: 

David Eisenhour; Robert Grueninger; Teresa Howell; Wayne Isham; Eric Jerde; Tom Kmetz; Jeanie Lee; Monica Magner; Randy McCoy; Deborah Plum; Ron Skidmore; and Ron Spangler.

Consideration of Minutes: 

Minutes of March 20, 2003; approved as distributed.

Senate Actions:

Academic Policies Committee: Scholastic Standing was presented for a second reading. Senator Creahan reported that the committee had accepted as a friendly amendment to replace ‘needed to attain good standing’ in line 23 with ‘specified above’. Motion passed unanimously.

Professional Policies Committee: PG 3 was withdrawn and will be resubmitted for vote at the next meeting. PG 58 was presented for a second reading. Motion passed unanimously.


6:00 pm.