Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2003

Call to Order: 

Call to order: 4:15 pm, 111 Rader Hall.

Senators Absent: Rik Berry, Roland Buck, Steve Eliason, Teame Ghirmay, William Grise, Teresa Hardman, Mary Just, Thomas Kiffmeyer, and Charles Patrick.

Minutes: Minutes of November 6, 2003, passed as distributed.

Senate Actions:

The following motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously: ‘The executive council moves that the regular Senate meeting scheduled for December 4, 2003, be canceled and a special meeting be called at that time to consider issues regarding Senate operations (minutes, record keeping, communication, etc.).  It is further moved that the Senate approve the formation of an ad hoc committee to study, report, and recommend action on issues to be discussed at this meeting.’

Governance Committee: The following committee nominations were approved: Hilary Iwu, BUS, Faculty Rights and Responsibility Committee; and Freda Kilburn, BUS, Promotion Committee.

New Business: Senator Jerde presented the following amendment: ‘I move that the Senate amend its Constitution as indicated on the draft copy dated 14 November 2003.’  Motion was seconded.


 5:21 pm