Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2003

Call to Order: 

Call to order: 4:10 pm; 111 Rader Hall.

Senators Absent: Julie Gawne, Mary Just, Lesia Lennex, Charles Patrick, and Cathy Thomas.

Minutes: Minutes of October 2, 2003 were approved as distributed.

Senate Actions:

The Academic Departmental Specialists Resolution was presented for a second reading.  Senator Goldey moved to delete the last five words of the resolution and end the resolution with the word process.  Motion seconded and passed.  The Academic Departmental Specialists Resolution passed unanimously as amended.

 Governance Committee:

The following committee nominations were approved: Honors Committee:  Diana Haleman, EDU.  Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee - an election from Business needs to be held.  The nominees are Hiliary Iwu and a write in vote.


 4:56 pm