Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2003

Call to Order: 

Meeting was called to order at 4:10 PM in 111 Rader Hall.

Senators Absent: Haiwook Choi, Darin DeMoss, Robert Grueninger, Thomas Kiffmeyer, Monica Magner, and Randy McCoy.

Minutes of May 1: Approved as written.

Senate Actions:

Professional Policies Committee

UAR 120.01 was presented for a second reading. Motion made by Senator Jerde to change the first para to read: "Standardized instructional feedback instruments for use by the faculty in their classes will be reviewed by the University Professional Development Committee which in consultation with the Faculty Senate, will recommend same to the Provost for approval." Motion seconded and passed. Motion made by Senator Cain to move paragraph 8 to before paragraph 1, so that the emphasis of this UAR would be instructive improvement rather than evaluative. Motion seconded and failed.

 Motion made by Senator Kmetz to change line 55, evaluations to evaluation results. Motion seconded and passed.  Motion made by Senator Irons to change line 42, evaluations to evaluation results. Motion seconded and passed. UAR 120.01 passed as amended.


 5:35 PM