Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2003


Call to order:

4:14 pm; 111 Rader Hall.

Senators absent: Tom Creahan, Darin DeMoss, Greg Goldey, William Grise’, Ken Henderson, Thomas Kiffmeyer, Ricky Little, Randy McCoy, and James Turner.

Old Business:

PG-3: Types of Appointments was presented for a second reading. It was moved that lines 156-160 and 172-175 be removed. Motion seconded and passed unanimously. Senator Buck made the following motion: in line 39 added previously referred to as standing appointments between appointments and will. Motion seconded and passed. PG-3 passed as amended.


Minutes of April 17, 2003, were approved as written.

Senate Actions:

Governance Committee:

The following committee nominations were approved: Academic Standards & Appeals - Darin DeMoss, S&T; Suzanne Robbins, HUM; Shane Spiller, BUS; Karen Hammons, EDU; Campus Environment/Affirmative Action - Bernadette Barton; Employee Benefits - Martha Decker, EDU; Honors - Wendell O-Brien, HUM; Lesia Lennex, EDU; Professional Development - Terry Irons, HUM; Green Miller, BUSS; Clara Keyes, LIB; Research & Creative Productions - Julie Gawne, HUM; Charles Mason, S&T; Teame Ghirmay, BUS; Edith Lombardo, EDU; Tom Kmetz, LIB; Scholarship - Thomas Kiffmeyer, HUM; Rebecca Jorgensen, EDU; Service - Jeannie Lee, HUM; Michelle Kunz, BUS; Pam Anderson, LIB; Student Disciplinary, Steven Eliason, HUM; John Newsome, EDU; Student Life - Troy Wistuba, S&T; Denise Watkins, HUM; Michael Harford, BUS; Student Media Board - Mary Just & Thomas Kiffmeyer (President to appoint one); Technology Resources - Scott Wymer, at-large; Steven Eliason, at-large; Jennifer Little, LIB; Undergraduate Curriculum [academic programs subcommittee] - Anna MacIntosh, S&T; Lindsey Back, HUM; Richard Berry, BUS; Edna Schack, EDU; [general education subcommittee] - Carol Wymer, S&T; Royal Berglee, HUM; Jim Turner, BUS; Dan Grace & Tim Thomas, EDU; Wellness - Lola Aagaard-Boram, EDU; Chien-Chih Peng, BUS; Registration Advisory - Lola Aagaard-Boram, EDU; Sharon Walters, BUS; University Academic Program Review - Ali Ahmadi, BUS; Karen Lafferty, EDU; Fran Helphinstine, at-large; Elsie Pritchard, LIB; and Planning - elections to be held between the following: Greg Goldy & Jeannie Lee - FS-HUM; Thomas Creaahan & Haiwook Choi - FS-BUS; Dora Ahmadi & Rodney Stanley - S&T; Adele Moriarty & Ross Owen - EDU.

Advising Consultation option was presented for a first reading. Senator Buck moved to waive the rules and vote today. Motion seconded and passed. Resolution passed.

Professional Development Committee revisions was presented for a second reading. Senator Buck made the following friendly amendment: remove the words ‘Academic Policies Committee’ from line 48. Friendly motion was accepted. Motion passed.

Senator Cain moved to extend the meeting to 6:15. Motion seconded and passed.

Professional Policies:

UAR 120.01 - Instruction Evaluation Plan was presented for a first reading.


Pac 2, 27, and 30 additions were presented for a second reading. Senator Buck made the following friendly amendment - ‘to remove the words any and all’ from the beginning of the paragraph. Friendly motion accepted. Motion for additions failed.

Senator Schack made the following motion: ‘The "shared position" clause was deleted not due to lack of support by Faculty Senate but through a feeling that it was better addressed in a broader form elsewhere, such as another PG or PAC.’ Motion seconded and passed.


 6:09 pm.