Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2003

Call to order: 

4:14 pm; 111 Rader Hall.

Senators Absent: 

David Barnett, Haiwook Choi, Dale Dickson, Jeanie Lee, Ricky Little, and Cathy Thomas.

Old Business: 

Pac 2, 27, and 30 additions were presented for a first reading.


Minutes of April 3, 2003, were approved as amended.

Senate Actions:

Evaluation Committee: Motion Concerning Evaluation of Upper Level Administrators was presented for a first reading.

Governance Committee: The following Committee nominations were approved: Faculty Promotion - Paul McGhee, at-large, Roland Buck, BUS; Bob Bylund, HUM; Tenure Committee - Cathy Thomas, HUM; Lesia Lennex, EDU; Geoffrey Gearner, At-large; Library Committee - Barbara Lyons, BUS; Mary Just, HUM; Gary Austin, LIB; Intercollegiate Athletics Committee - Ken Henderson, BUS. The following nominations for elections were approved: Faculty Rights & Responsibilities Committee - Ben Malphrus and Charles Patrick, S&T; Lary Cowart and Hilary Iwu, BUS; Vicente Cano and Judith Stafford, HUM; Monica Magner and Dean Owen, EDU; and Elsie Prtichard and Gary Austin, LIB; Graduate Committee - Brian Reeder and Joan Whitworth, S&T; Donna Kizzier and Donna Everett, BUS; Fran Helphinstine and Tim Ashmore, HUM; and David Barnett and Robert Gruninger, EDU.

Professional Development Committee was presented for a first reading. Senator Creahan moved to refer to the Academic Policies Committee. Motion seconded. Motion to refer to Academic Policies Committee failed.

Professional Policies Committee: 

PG-3 was presented for a second reading. Senator Schack made a friendly amendment to line 134 and 138 to say ‘ and other mandated benefits’ to be placed between contributions and are.


6:00 pm.